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MAC Lipstick


Pros: beautiful colors, long lasting power!

Cons: Can be a little dry....

I've been a HUGE fan of MAC lipsticks since I entered college in 2005. 

My mom gave one to me as a present and yeah, I was hooked. With all those limited edition colours!

MAC lipstick is the only lipstick I use. colour come out as I see.

But I think it can get a little dry..


Pros: many colors, long lasting

Cons: drying

I love MAC lipstick and all of the colors it comes in. Compared to other non-drugstore brands, I feel like the price is on the cheaper end. It wears really well and doesn't feather. The only downside, for me, is that it doesn't moisturize my lips at all and falls in between the cracks. I do have dry lips and lipstick is always an issue.


Pros: great color selection, great pigmentation

Cons: expensive

Really the only downside to these lipsticks are the price.  They wear well, and there are tons of colors to choose from


My sister really love this product. She wears it every time there is an occasion to look beautiful and presenting.


Pros: Long wearing, excellent range of shades, non-offensive scent, sales reps are fantastic!

Cons: A bit pricey, if your lips aren't well conditioned some finishes won't look good.

I own the following:


Speak Louder










Creme D'Nude 


Of Royalty


Viva Glam II


And love them all (these have all been purchased in a 6 month span, so what does that tell you).  I couldn't pick a favorite if you asked me to.  They are long wearing with out drying, lighter shades need re-application after a few hours of wear.


I find that Kittenish goes on kind of dry and that if my lips are chapped or cracked in the slightest Hue and Myth look terrible (so remember to keep your lips moist if you like these two).


Pros: amazing colours, great textures

Cons: quite expensive, some are quite drying on my lips

i bought my first mac lippie a few years back im trying to remember back which was my first one, ive remembered my first one was saint germain i had been looking at it for ages but on a waitress/students pay i couldnt really afford it but i decided to treat myself one day and i never looked back.

The selection of colours you get are out of this world i own everything from black to nearly white, since starting to use mac lippies i have never used anything else .


Pros: HUGE color selection; smooth application; pleasant unobtrusivetaste/smell; reasonable price

Cons: Addictive!

When I bought my first MAC lipstick, "Girl About Town," back in 2002 or so, I felt like I'd never really worn lipstick before.
MAC offers the colors nobody else does, which is very important to me, and the quality is off the charts. MAC lipsticks offer luxuriously rich pigmentation, except for the formulas that sre made to be sheer, a comfortable feel on the lips, and a pleasant, unobtrusive vanilla taste/scent.

I honestly can't remember the last time I bought a lipstick from another brand; I'm not even interested.
My only problem with MAC lipsticks is the fact that they can be habit-forming; I now own at least 70!


Pros: Long wearing, versatile, pigmented, nice smell, creamy, pretty colours

I was never keen on wearing lipstick untill I saw my friend Lani's *littlepickle* collection. This was inspiring and so I just had to get my hands on some mac lipstick. I started out with mac cremesheen in "speed Dial" a nice soft pink with a slight shine. This colour is so easy to wear and a good shade to start out with. I love the smell of mac lip products. So yum it makes me want to eat it! The next colour mac lippy I got was "speak louder" This is a bolder shade, true to it's name. It really does speak louder than "speed dial".This one also being a cremesheen, has a nice shine (or sheen) to it. This one I feel I can wear at night time. I'm not big on bold lip colour yet, but i'm working on it!


Pros: Great Range of Shades, Great Range of Coverage

Cons: Not Every Finish is for Everyone

At the moment I own a nice tidy collection of about a dozen MAC lipsticks. What I like most about these lipsticks is that there is a color for everyone, MAC carries a huge range of colors from deep darks to very nude and light. There is a decent amount of product in each lipstick and most of them apply smoothly and last for hours. My favorite finishes are Amplified Cremes and Cremesheens. I like my lipstick opaque haha.


One thing that one must be careful about is the finish of a lipstick. It could be the most gorgeous color you've ever seen, but if it is a Glaze finish for example then it won't show up that color on your lips. This is a "try before you buy" or "look at swatches on Specktra" sort of product, not every color is going to work for everyone.


Overall I would recommend this lipstick to anyone who likes to wear lipstick to at least take a look into.

MAC Lipstick

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made MAC famous.

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