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MAC Powder Blush


Pros: pigmented, blendable, buildable color

Cons: none I can think of!

I went from zero to sixty with blush. I'd gone all of my makeup-wearing years not wearing it-I was convinced my cheeks were red enough without it. The first blush I bought, I had to really force myself to-and for no other reason other than it was just pretty (I bought the Cargo Hi-Def blush in the pinky-peach color). I've never looked back, and really can't believe I thought blush would make me look like a tomato!

I've since acquired quite a few blushes, but my absolute favorites are Pinch o' Peach, Pink Swoon, and Coygirl. The colors are just gorgeous. I apply with a very light hand, and just build up until I reach the intensity I'm after


Pros: Good Color Payoff, Good Finish, Good Variety of Colors

Cons: Try Before You Buy

I own several MAC powder blushes and like using them a lot. It doesn't usually take a lot of product to get a nice sheen and color to the cheeks, I have yet to even hit pan on a blush! The texture is usually soft and easy to use with a powder brush.


I like the variety of finishes that MAC has to offer, you can get really sheer, light blushes, very opaque dark blushes and everything inbetween. They also have varying degrees of shimmer, which I like a lot.


I will say that this is a "try before you buy" or "check out the swatches here on Specktra" sort of product, not every color will work on every skin tone and frankly the swatches on the MAC website are not true to color.


Overall I recommend this product and I will be purchasing more of these blushes in the future.


Pros: Highly pigmented, several color options, longwear

Cons: Some of the lighter shades get too powdery and loose their color payoff :(

I have quite a few MAC shades... My favorites are Flirt & Tease, Dollymix, and Sweet As Cocoa!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sheertone Shimmers...just enough color...just enough glitz! I find that I do not have to use a lot of powder to get the color payoff that I want.


I was really disappointed when I bought Trace of Gold and Dame and I got an ashen/white look on my cheeks :( I hate that!  I don't wear foundation, so I can't help you guys with that. I guess I should have tried it on at the mall first!


Pros: Goes on well, doesn't fade, great pigmentation

I currently own Raizin and Plumfoolery...I LOVE these colours. I wear Raizin every day (it's more of a matte; goes well with my everyday school look) and Plumfoolery is just one of those colours I can't get enough of...they go on well, and you can build the colour intensity if you want to (usually what I do when I'm going out or feel like getting fancy lol). 


I'm thinking of doing a haul in a few weeks, probably after my exams. I'm definitely going to pick up a few peachy/coppery blushes I've had my eye on for some time.


I tend to like the china doll look when applying my make-up, so I like to have pink rosey cheeks. The MAC Powder Blush is EXCELLENT! It stays on all day, and doesn't seem to fade in the slightest! 


Pros: Great Color Pay off, easy to find colors that suit your skintone, Some are buildable

ABSOLUTELY LOVE these Blushes! the color pay off is great. Some people feel that some of the blushes do not have great pigmentation BUT MAC clearly has blushes in different finishes. Sheertone, Sheertone Shimmer etc. I find it easy to work with Sheertone shimmer and sheertone blushes because they are buildable and you can adjust the color.


Pros: Pigmented

I love MAC's powder blush. My fav shades are Style and Sunbasque. They last long, are pigmented, do not irritate my skin, and there's a ton of great shades to choose from!

MAC Powder Blush

Colour for the cheeks and face. Various formulas. Different looks.

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