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Can't get this to work for me

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MAC Select Cover-Up

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This either cakes up on me when I have enough coverage, goes on unevenly or ends up not covering at all. If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated.


Apply with a concealer brush. I use the real teqniques one from ULTA, just place a couple small dots under your eye/where you need concealment and blend out. Works beautifully.
Hi, I think that to have better coverage without caking, you should apply a little of the Select Cover-up with a synthetic concealer brush (I use the MAC 195, and I put just a drop on the tip of the brush). Then to get better coverage, let it sit on your skin and dry out a little before you blend it out by patting with your finger, or by stippling it with another brush. I have used Select Cover-up for 8 years now and I find that this method cuts down on the amount of product you use (no caking) whilst greatly improving coverage because as it dries out, it is less fluid and won't become more sheer when you blend it out. Hope that helps!
Thank you for the tip on letting it dry first!!! I wish I had known about that a long time ago because that would have saved me a lot of grief with this concealer. Thank you
I will look into getting the real teqniques brush, thank you :)
Specktra › Product Reviews › Face › Concealer › MAC Select Cover-Up › Reviews › themakeupmommy1's Review