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MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15


Pros: matte, medium to full coverage, spf 15, large color selection, lasts a long time on skin, looks great in pictures

Cons: may break out certain skin types, no pump

I have mostly every MAC foundation in my collection. And I've tried all of them. And when I say all of them...I mean all of them. I am always on the quest for my holy grail foundation. But this one I've been using since I was like 16! (im now 26) so I'd say it can pretty much withstand the test of time. Especially if you're like me. My skin is an oil slick and I've got acne scars to boot!  All I need is one layer and it gets the job done!


definitely check out this video if you want to know more and see what its all about in comparison to other MAC foundations!



Thanks Guys :)


Pros: Great coverage without feeling heavy, matches my skin tone perfectly

Cons: Pump sold seperately

I love this foundation! It gives me the best coverage (medium) without feeling too heavy or looking like I even have foundation on. Some foundations can make me look older (settling in fine lines) but that is not the case with SFF. I am NC15 and it matches my skin tone perfectly and I don't look too pale or corpse-like. I use the #130 brush to apply SFF. I've tried other brushes but the #130 is my favorite!


A good matte primer/moisturizer underneath is recommended because after a couple hours this foundation can get a little shiny but a matte primer/moisturizer underneath definitely helps. Blotting papers will help too. Other than that this foundation is wonderful. It has never broken me out either despite reading a lot of claims of it doing so for others.


I did stray away from SFF for a couple years because I went through a phase where I stopped wearing make up but then I returned back again and went through a huge mission to find the best foundation for me. After trying a couple other brands I came across some old pictures where I was wearing SFF and my skin looked so great! Flawless and it hardly looked like I had make up on. I went out the next day to buy more SFF and all the other brands I bought have been ignored since.


This is my #1 foundation!


Pros: Great coverage, blends well, love the finish

I love how well this matches my skin tone and the smooth finish it has. I apply this using a flat foundation brush and then finish off by buffing with my little kabuki to get that flawless finish


Pros: Covers Well

Cons: Orange, Blends Bad

I heard a lot of good things about this foundation and I wanted to try it, it just was not for me. I did not like how it looked on my face. It made my skin look very oily and orange, yes I chose the correct shade. I felt very uncomfortable while wearing this and definitely had to add a lot of bronzer in order not to look like a carrot. I don't think it fits my skin type, maybe it works for one better than the other.


Pros: perfect match, blends well

Cons: doesn't last that long

I love this product so much, its amazing it blends well and is perfect match for me. I'm a NW 50 and its hard trying to find foundation that matches my skin tone exactly and this just does so well. My only gripe with this is that it doesn't last that long without primer but its still pretty good.


Pros: great full coverage

Cons: a little heavy for the south (imo)

I actually love this but since moving to south Florida 4 years ago I haven't used it because it's a little heavy when dealing with this humidity but while still in MO?? It was great yes.gif


Pros: Great coverage, easy color match, price, quality

Cons: none

I started out as a bare minerals powder foundation girl... GROSS! After trying quality liquid foundation, I can't believe I was using anything else. My first liquid foundation was MUFE HD Foundation #155... Bad match. Too dark and too pink for me. My face is a completely different color from the rest of my neck and body (my body is yellow/olive and my face is kinda reddish/discolored.) At the store I tried on a bunch of shades and everything was either too pink or too yellow for me. I heard great things about MUFE HD Foundation so I got it anyway. The texture/quality was good and it was good coverage, but I wasn't too fond of the price and color so I decided I would try out MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25. I'm so glad I did! This foundation is definitely what I've always wanted. My skin is on the dry side most of the time, this foundation does a good job of feeling matte, but not dry. For someone with Asian/tan colored skin, it's a great color match and it was so easy and fast to find. Aside from all the great things about this foundation, I couldn't be happier with the price!


**Side Note**

To make this foundation perfect, I paired this with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in color Medium Plus. This sets the foundation and gives you a perfect complexion-- In Love! love.gif


Pros: Great Coverage, Long Lasting, Skin Matching

I never thought that I would buy foundation from MAC because I was so used to using Maybelline Super Stay foundation. I went into Macy's to purchase a brush and some perfume when I decided to try out Mac's foundation. To my surprise it work just as well as the Maybelline only better, It stays on longer and it matches my complexion to the T...lol. I recommend this foundation to everyone because it gives a great coverage that is like no other.


Pros: Good coverage

I love this foundation! I'm always trying new foundations but I always come back to this. I have yet to find anything better even though i'm always on the search for the perfect foundation. I have normal skin but sometimes in the summer it gets a little oily and in the winter it gets a little dry. In the winter this foundation can be a little drying for me and in the summer it can get a little oily. Majority of the time my skin is normal so its an almost perfect match.


Pros: Nice medium coverage, true satin finish

Cons: Accentuates dryness, is said to break people out

This was the first MAC foundation that I ever bought and I've never had any temptation to stray and find another one. I used to have oily skin, and so when SFF stayed on my face for only a few hours, I knew that it wasn't a matte finish, but it wasn't dewy, and it definitely needed a primer and setting powder in order for it not to move about. With blotting sheets and powder touch ups, my skin could look wonderful from the moment of application to the moment of removal.


Around three or so months ago, something triggered my skin to stop being oily and be completely normal. The result? Flawless skin from morning to night! Now. About a month ago, my skin went really dry and ever since, no matter what product I use, I have dry, flaky patches ON TOP of my oiliness, which is quite odd. This foundation does not flatter flakiness. At. All. I had to adapt my application method, but I've once again found a way to make it flatter my skin perfectly.


If you're thinking of trying this, you need to try it first. I've heard of and seen so many bad reactions that it's given people, but if you're a lucky one - like myself - and you can use this product, you will be a very happy bunny.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients. Oil free.

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