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    (Most of) My Collection

    I have a bit more than this, but I'm moving soon so things are scattered around.

    The MAC eyeshadows, top from bottom, left from right
    Embark, A Little Folie, Wedge, Frisco, Blanc Type

    Beautiful Iris, Star Violet, Fig 1, Noctounelle, Parfait Amour

    Top hat, Meet the Fleet, Tilt, Shimmermoss, Gulf Stream

    Humid, Sour Lemon, Juxt, Aquadisiac, Parrot

    Freshwater, Electric Eel, Illegal Cargo, Coppering, Haux

    Swish, Jest, Mythology, Paradisco, Pink Venus

    Pandemonium, Crystal Avalanche (the black and white in the middle)

    Pigments: Blue Brown and Blonde's Gold

    Then I have Painterly Paint Pot and the black Fluidline. For face I use Bare Minerals, if I wear anything. I'm mostly an eyeshadow gal.

    I've also collected 6 L'oreal high intensity pigment eyeshadows, but right now I'm too lazy to get up and write down their names.

    For palettes I have the new Vice Urban Decay palette, their Naked palette, my sister has (so I have access to) Naked 2, and then I have MAC Spiced Chocolate, and another holiday one somewhere.

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    Nice collection
    Yeah I'm superficial, Whatever...

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    nice variety of shadows!

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    Nice collection, I like your eyeshadow colors

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    Been wanting the vice palette since i saw swatches of it, nice collection


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