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    Hi everyone so I am new to this website.. First I would like to thank all of you for tying to help us get a job!!! So on Tuesday nov 12 I turned in an application and talked to the store manager and she's said she would pass my application to her manager what does that mean because after reading this majority who talked to a manager got offered an interview.. I know my store is hiring do you guys think she wasn't really interested.!!??? I turned in a resume with a cover letter by the way!

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    Hey girl. I turned in a resume on wednesday at a mac counter in macys actually and the girl told me shed give my resume to the manager. they had run out of apps but the girl told me they had pt positions open. so i asked when the manager would be in. She said in a few hours so i waited and came back. When i came back they said she was on a conference call and would be busy for a couple hours. Girl said for me to come back later or call. I went home and called later. They put the manager on the phone finally. Got interview. Just persist! Good luck!

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