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    Monster High Collector Cards and Stickers

    I've started collecting the MH Photo Cards.
    I've seen them for sale at Toys R Us and Target here in the US.

    I'm looking for the Stickers, Fearbook Sticker Album, and Photo Card Folder.
    From what I can gather the Stickers, Fearbook, and Photo Card Folders are available through Panini Collectibles throughout Latin America and the UK.

    Has anyone seen them in the US?

    Sticker and Fearbook Starter Pack
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/PANINI-MONSTER-HIGH-STICKER-COLLECTION-STARTER-PACK-ALBUM-AND-21-STICKERS-NEW-/140898783308?pt=UK_Collectables_TradingCards_RL&ha sh=item20ce38d04c

    Here's a Youtube video showing the sticker packs and fearbook:

    Photocards with Card Folder
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Monster-High-Trading-Photo-Cards-Starter-Pack-Collectors-Binder-12-photos-/320952506644?pt=UK_Collectables_TradingCards_RL&va r=&hash=item4aba429914

    Here's a Youtube video showing the collector cards and the collector card folder:

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    I have a pack of the photo card things! I got them at Walmart. It was just those, though, they weren't part of a folder of stuff.

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    That's what I keep seeing, just the photo card packs.

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    They're also being found at TRU too!

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    Yea i did see them at tru's make sure to check there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clawdeenlover View Post
    Yea i did see them at tru's make sure to check there!
    In my OP I stated I found them there.

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    A few days ago I wrote an e-mail to Panini (the company that releases the trading photo cards, sticker sets, and starter sets shown in the OP.)
    I encouraged them to consider releasing all their products to the American market.
    Here is a copy of the e-mail I received back today:

    Good morning,
    We do have the Monster High photo cards available and as of now I do not have a
    release date on the sticker album. If your not signed up already for our
    newsletter, I would do so. Have a great day.

    Jennifer Paredes | Online Sales
    Panini America
    5325 FAA Blvd.,Suite 100
    Irving ,TX 75061
    [email protected]
    Main number: 817-662-5132
    Toll free number: 800-852-8833
    Fax: 817-662-5400

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