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    My experience with Estee Lauder Talentplus, interview and some questions....

    Hi everyone....I have been searching the Internet to find out more information about the Talent Plus interview, and what is expected on a Estee Lauder interview. So since at this point I am going through the process, and am still going through it, i thought I would answer some questions to help out others.

    First of all, I have worked with Macys in the back office for just about 2 months now. I was hired on for this position just for the holidays. I love working at my Macys store, and enjoy everyone I work with! I was asked if I would like to stay on after the holidays, and I agreed to do so. I thought that I would actually just stay on in the office, or move to the sales floor....either way, no big deal! But I was actually asked if I would be interested in makeup? The manager for our cosmetics dept was really interested in having me in her dept. I've never worked with Makeup, I love makeup, and love trying new things, and love to mix things up. She really thought I'd be a great fit, and already saw that I had makeup know how, on my own face. So I said sure why not! Then she actually tells me if I'm interested then I could have a Counter Manager position which is full time, with EL. After hearing about the position, I agree that it actually sounds like a great fit! So she tells me I need to do the Talent+ interview, and explains how it works: Someone will call you to set up an interview time....once the interview is set, you can not change it. They will call you, if you don't answer, they will give you a few mins and call again. If you still do not answer, then they will say your a no show...same as in a real interview. My interview was set for 8pm, but I ended up getting a call at 7:15, the lady asked me if we could do the interview earlier, as she had a no show. I was fine with that!

    The phone interview, is a series of tons of questions, but on my interview, they are all questions about myself! Example: what do you like to do in your spare time, whats your favorite hobby, how do you unwind, do you like yourself, why? What have you done for others? Just personality questions, that are simple as long as your honest! Relax, and just be truthful! There was only one question that actually pertained to my position, it was a what would you do if......and I answered it honestly. I passed! I think I and everyone has a lot of nerves going into it, but just try your best to relax and be honest. I know another question I saw was about the results....How soon do you hear back, or does the store get the answers and so on. I heard back right away.....I took the test on a Monday, and showed up for work, that same week on Wednesday, and they told me I passed. The store manager gets the results of my answers, but could not show them to me, or anyone else.

    So the next step was meeting with Account Coordinator. She was awesome! Really nice, and had gotten her start as a Counter Manager. Has been with the company for years! Gave me her cell phone number and said if I had any questions to give her a call or text! She told me about what would be coming up for the store, she did ask me questions, 1 what would you do scenario. But really I knew I wanted to be part of this team! So I then spoke with my store manager, and she offered me the position. I get a base salary, plus commission. I start in two weeks!

    Now...if anyone can answer these questions for me.....

    Estee Lauder uniform.....Is this something we purchase from the company , or is it just a black wardrobe like Macys? If you work for Estee Lauder, do you wear only Estee Lauder makeup? obviously I know my face needs to show customers what they can expect from EL, but can I wear anything else? I normally wear MAC, which I love!!! So it will be a change for me. And yes, I do know MAC is a sister company. Also, I know I am going to be going to training, has anyone gone recently? Its a two day training, do they give you all you will need?

    I hope this helps everyone that is applying for EL! Good Luck to ALL!

    I know this was a long post! Thanks for any answers!

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    Hi! I work for Estée Lauder in Canada do I don't know if it will be different but they provide us with a uniform! It's a dark ink blue colored pant very nice quality there are multiple tops, a wrap dress, I te states there's a pencil skirt I needed to get mine tailored S luckily my department store does uniforms for free for employees the uniforms are all really nice quality! I've been to the seasonal seminars but I have not gone to the "Estée Lauder school" the seminars are so informative and the trainer at least the one we have is very efficient don't be scared to ask questions! They will know if your new and they want you to feel you've learned something before you leave! Best of luck!

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