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    Tarte Cosmetics?

    Has anyone out there used anything from Tarte cosmetics? In particular, the eyeshadows, lipglosses and bronzers? I totally love the names of the colors, but it's a little too expensive to buy just based on that. I would appreciate any comments

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    I don't have any Tarte, but I want the Westley & Buttercup or Ferris & Sloane double-ended lipglosses really badly. They're like $30+ CAD though

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    Well I own some Tarte cheek stains and the love Tarte Glam on the Go brush.
    Love them!

    As for the eyeshadow I know the reformulated them and I've heard great things. I have also heard that the Jack & Rose Supergloss is great. These are comments from a friend o mine. I myself have not tried them.

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    I second the love of the cheek stains. They are amazing. And I am *SO* not a blush kind of girl.

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    I've yet to try the eyeshadows & lip glosses, but I do love the cheek stains!
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    Cheekstains are hot... worth the money... a bottle (28 dollars US) seems to contain a lot of product.... I tried their new eyeshadows at Sephora and wore them around the mall and I really like the colors and how smoothly it went on...
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    ehh...i've had some of the lipglosses and hated them- no pigment, even less staying power than most glosses, the brush is too thin and makes it hard to apply- not worth the $$$
    and aerials, don't worry about wesley and buttercup duo- it's basically clear. so not worth it.
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    i have a tarte lipgloss duo (andie&duckie) and i LOVE it!

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    i really like the lipglosses. they come in all sort of colors and are well worth the price. i also use their eyeshadows which are also great! they look loud and vibrant, but they apply kinda sheer so i use them wet when i want an intense color.

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    I'm so conflicted on the glosses... some say they hate them, some say they love them!

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    I love the cheekstains
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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    Anyone tried the new Yellow Mellow yet? I've been using it and would love to hear your feedback and tips on it.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    Tarte's Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer/sunblock is my favourite of their line that I have tried. The push up gel blushes are really pretty, but I find their texture too sticky for my taste.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    The cheekstains are my favourite. The glosses can be very sheer and I've heard good things about the eyeshadows.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    the cheekstains are good, some of the eyeshadows are really pigmented (just not the ones in the palettes) but i do love their eco mascara.
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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    I have two of the cheek stains. They are really nice.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    I use their foundation and cheekstains exclusively for foundation and blush because I'm allergic to everything else I've tried (I have crazy sensitive skin and I can't even narrow down what specific ingredients I'm allergic to). I love their Smooth Operator foundation - it's light, which I love, and Facade perfectly matches my very pale skin. It's also got SPF, which is great! I like their gel cheekstains a lot - I don't have issues with them being sticky, and they last all day on me. My faves are Dollface, Cloud 9, and True Love. I also use their Clean Slate primer, and it works great for me. I'm very loyal to them for those three products, because nothing else I've tried has worked for me!

    I also have eyeshadows from them, and I really like them. Since they reformulated them a few years back, their eyeshadows are smooth and blend easily, and I find that, over Urban Decay Primer Potion at least, they show up very much like they do in the pan.

    I'm a lipgloss junkie, so I have their lipglosses, too. The normal double-ended glosses are nice - smooth, hardly sticky (much less than MAC's lipglasses), and nice color, but I adore the Inside Out gloss. The stick-factor is similar to Lipglass, but they're soooooooo moisturizing. Most of the Inside Out colors are pretty sheer, but R&R isn't.

    I dig their brushes, too. Their flat-top blending brush (discontinued, unfortunately) is so soft and easy to use. I got a few and have given them as gifts, and every person I've given one to has come back to me a couple months later and said they loved the brush and use it all the time. Their double-ended eyeshadow brush is pretty nice, too.

    Because of my allergies, I have a bunch of their stuff - I'm allergic to only a very few items from them, which is something I haven't been able to say about any other line.

    Added: I've tried their Yellow Mellow, and while I find it easy to use and it doesn't irritate my skin at all, I (very fortunately) don't have much in the way of redness unless my other allergies (cats, dogs, the outdoors, etc) are acting up, but it works nicely on my mom. I find it works best for me (and her) with cream first, then foundation, then powder.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    Here are the ones that I have. You can see that flush looks more berry and dollface has a pinkish tone. Flush looks more like a stain to me & dollface is a bit creamier.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    bumping this thread to ask if anyone's seen/tried the new eye primer? do you think it compares to UDPP???

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    i just made a huge order from tarte, i got the vanity palette as well as a paul/holly lipgloss and a free shimmer powder in sugar daddy. i also bought a foundation kit. i love the colors of the shadows, but they're really hard. the lipglosses are divine, and for some reason the bronzer in the kit is harder than the one that you buy separately... the lip gloss--i looove paul, would buy it over and over...except for the crazy high price tag and the horrible holly on the other end! luckily i got it for free! i also love their skin primer! the other products in the kit are really horrible though.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    I like the mascara in the purple packaging...
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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    I love the cheekstains and I use the glam gams bronzer for my face which I like. I have a cream shadow that's just ok.
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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    The cheek stains are fab, Tipsy & Blushing bride are amazing

    The bronzers are also awesome, hotel heiress is gorge for sure but the sunburst bronzer is my star summer product! It is a moisturizer & a primer with mineralized ball of bronzer in it that release the perfect amount of golden glow when you rub them into the skin.

    The foundation (recreate) is also amazing, it is super hydrating, blends like a dream and gives great coverage.

    I do have one shadow palette, it is nice and the shadows are creamy and blend really well but as far as the colors are just so so to me. I reach for others more but it doesn't mean I don't think they are worth it.

    The mascara is also really nice, gives a lot of volume and is really hydrating for the lashes, reminds me a lot of Fresh's Supernova mascara.

    As for the glosses, not a big fan, if you don't mind that they are sheer... maybe. Still I don't think they are worth the price tag. I like lip and dazzle glasses a million times more and they are way cheeper.

    Hope That Helps!

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    i also want to add that they have probably the most horrible customer service. they don't even have a telephone line! when i emailed them about making an exchange, it took them nearly a WEEK to get back to me, and their reponse was hi, our return policy is this: and then they copy and pasted the return policy from the website, i already read that! if i wanted to know that i wouldn't have emailed them!

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    All I have tried from Tarte is one of their bronzers which I like. I want to try their powders but the Sephora I went to doesn't carry the entire shade range.

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    I've bought their Re-create foundation and loooove it. Its too dark for me now but during summer was fantastic. However twice I bought the "Treasure Chest" at sephora and twice it was broken

    Other than that I love that their line is natural and really great quality =)

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    I have some of the cheek stains, and I REALLY love them... but I just can't seem to find a way to put them on without making it look reaallllyyy uneven. How have you guys that have them managed to apply/blend them?

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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    I love their face primer- it's the best one I've used! And natural ingredients without all sorts of yucky chemicals, so that's even better. But it just has a nice silky finish, so the skin doesn't get super oily throughout the day, and it can be used under liquid or mineral foundations.
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    Re: Tarte Cosmetics?

    Their new lip stains are pretty great. They don't offer much hydration like they claim, but I usually wear Sugar lip treatment over top of them anyway. I got Amused before they were even available to the public because I had a hot date that night and it stayed all night......even after the make out session. haha.
    Smooth Operator is awesome. I use it on most of my mature clients who don't want too much coverage.
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    As others have said, their cheekstains are awesome.

    Their new Amazonian Clay blushes are also very nice.

    Lights, Camera, Lashes! is a very good mascara, but I recently tried their Gifted Amazonian Clay mascara and OMG! It's my new favorite. It has one of those rubber brushes but it lengthens my lashes and gives some volume like you wouldn't believe. It doesn't clump or flake, either, and IT HOLDS CURL!!!! It retails for $19.

    I like their lipstains, too. Currently I only have Amused. They're moisturizing and have sort of a cooling effect on your lips when applied. They have a minty scent to them. Best of all you don't have to sharpen them; all you do is twist the base and more product comes out. I have been meaning to buy more of these.

    I also haven't tried them yet but I have heard great things about their Dark Circle Defense and Amazonian Clay concealers.

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