Thread: Awsome Foundation Colour Matching Chart!

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    Awsome Foundation Colour Matching Chart!


    I found this awsome site on another forum I visit and thought I'd share just in case someone here hasn't yet seen it.

    Basically someone has made a foundation chart from input received by many users so people can check out what foundation colour is suitable according to their skin tones.

    Sorry if this has been posted before - hopefully someone sees it for the first time and it proves useful.

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    Ui...what a great site...and just bookmarked it! Thx Shantih!

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    Freaking awesome! Thanks, especially as I have no idea what my colour is and am currently trying to find out to get my first foundation!

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    great site! Thanks!

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    Great, thanks!
    Suzy-I love MAC!

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    very cool. thanks 4 that =)
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    That rocks!
    Thanks so much!

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    Great site!!!Thanx!!
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