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    What did you buy from Sundressing?

    I went to my local MAC counter today, I purchased the following items:
    In Living Pink Eye Shadow
    Relaxing Eye Shadow
    Pink Cabana Lipstick
    Coppertime Lipstick
    Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
    Gold Dusk Pigment
    Aqualine Liquidlast Liner

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    So far
    Summerwear quad
    Fountainbleu e/s
    Languish l/g
    Gold Dusk
    Softwash Grey
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    Pink Cabana (so pretty!)
    Bateau eyeshadow

    And... that's it. I WANTED Softwash Grey-- til I tested it! Blech. Horrible texture. I was hoping it'd be smooth like Coco but it was far too sheer. Reminded me of how Idol Eyes goes on. So I passed. The rest was meh.

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    I got...

    ~ Summerwear quad
    ~ Relaxing e/s
    ~ Summer Neutral e/s
    ~ Bateau e/s
    ~ Fountainbleu e/s
    ~ In Living Pink e/s
    ~ Gold Dusk pigment
    ~ Softwash Grey pigment
    ~ Shell Pearl beauty powder
    ~ Sunsparked Pearl beauty powder

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    So far I got Summer Neutral e/s.....

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    I would buy the gold pigment and the beauty powders, but i dont need them so I'm passing.
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    I got:
    Fountainbleu e/s
    Bateau e/s
    In Living pink e/s
    Summer Neutral e/s
    Relaxing e/s
    Pink Cabanal/s
    Apres sol l/s
    Glamoursun l/g
    I still want the Summerwear quad, but doesn't seem to be selling it
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    Relaxing e/s
    Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
    Glamoursun l/g

    I thought I was going to get a lot more. But, the rest of the shadows & lipglasses didn't really appeal to me. And the Sunsparked Beauty Powder didn't show up on me. If anything I might go back for the Living In Pink e/s. I want to see how it looks in some FOTD first.

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    just the 2 pigments and I'm half thinking I won't like them then ordered 5 Chromacakes, too. That's it til the new Apripeach Pearlizer and 7 pigments.

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    Hmmm, there is a huge difference between what I want and what I'll actually be getting, MAC is too expensive in the UK!

    Tomorrow I'll probably get shell beauty powder and softwash pigment. I am dreaming that softwash is goooooooooooooorgeous, so it'd better not be a let down in real life.

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    sundressing: softwash grey, gold dusk,
    passed on glamoursun-dunno if it was the right thing, might pick it up at the counter next week

    & completely outta left field- Y&Kei was on the site
    Kei lipglass

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    I went by the counter on my lunch break and they were still unpakcing the boxes!! It was already after 2 pm and I'm like WTF?? That so ruined my MAC buzz so I am leaving in about and hour to go get mine.

    I definitely want the pigs.....

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    I ordered the pigments and sunsparked beauty powder a couple of days ago. I was going to get the Y & Kei Lookbox, but it and the pigments are already soldout.
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    My turn! :-)

    My first stop was Nordie's, it was after lunchtime and they said that they didn't receive their Sundressing shipment today. WTF?????

    So, it was allllllllllll the way across town to haul at the MAC freestanding store and Dillard's. Here's what I got:

    Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder
    Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
    Pink Cabana l/s
    Glamoursun l/g
    Summer Neutral e/s
    Gold Dusk Pigment
    Dress Khaki Liquidlast Liner
    Powerplum Liquidlast liner

    My "just for the hell of it, I'm at MAC" stuff is as follows:

    Petit Gloss in Millefeuille
    Rose Pigment
    Fix +
    Tailormade 6 Cool Eyes ( Summerweight, Printemps, Swish, Well-Finished, Tailored, Print)

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    I picked up..
    Both Gold Dusk and Softwash Grey pigments
    Coppertime and Pink Cabana lipsticks
    Glamoursun, Languish, and Tres Cher! lipglasses
    Summer Neutral and In Living Pink eyeshadows
    And the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder.

    While, I was there I also picked up the 187 and 224 brushes, Uberpeach Chromeglass, and the Night Sky Softsparkle Eye Pencil.

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    Today I went to my counter when it opened and got:
    Gold Dusk pigment,
    Soft Wash Grey pigment,
    In Living Pink Eye Shadow,
    & Relaxing Eye Shadow.

    I'm just sick that the pigments are now sold out on the MAC USA website and Now how can that be so soon?
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    I'm on my way to get the quad from Nordstrom's...
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    it's not all sundressing, but whatevr...
    softwash grey pigment
    loose powder in NC-30 (yea, i'm not a 20 anymore!)
    beige-ing shadestick (i'm converting slowly from CCBs and paints)
    classic cream liquidlast (btw, ALL of the colors are freaking beautiful!)
    aqualine l/l

    i didn't see pink cabana l/s, which was also in mind, but maybe i'll go back and pick it up...tres cher is sexy, and i wasn't really impressed with the eyeshadows...the neutrals are really nice though, they just reminded me of stuff from the perm. line i already own

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    Could someone do a bateau swatch pretty please!?

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    Sundressing, Y & Kei & a little Ornamentalism Haul

    I was so excited for this line to be released but upon viewing the line, I was not in love w/anything. At Macy's on 34th Street they didn't get the e/s Bateau, so that is the only item I did not get to see. I like the Summerwear quad from the photos posted, but am almost sure I won’t wear it, so I didn’t get that either.

    I called MAC and ordered
    Y L/S
    Glamoursun L/G
    Tassle L/S
    e/s Bateau

    I hope that I like them, I hate buying w/o viewing/testing the product.

    I'll post photos (on this same thread) when I get it.

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    I'm so sad....Kona's counter is lame when it comes to launches.They didn't get in ANYTHING.No liner,sundressing or try-on-packs.Another thing I called our only mac store in the state of hawaii in alamoana and they said they got it all BUT since they had the preview party last night they sold out of gold dusk pigment.(the one I wanted)Oh yea and I just checked the us mac site again and there already sold out of BOTH pigments!Dang....I think it's about time for mac to start producing more products for their lines.But it looks like I'm outta luck for this launch.I'm just have to wait, who knows maybe a whole month for my counter to get anything in.

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    So stoked. I added a Y & Kei Lookbox to my Sundressing haul.
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    I only ended up getting Relaxing e/s. I might go back for the darker of the 2 beauty powders but I will wait for some reviews. I am so not liking frost lipsticks right now or glasses. Plus I feel like I have too many lipglasses - at least more than I can reasonably use!

    I passed on the pigs for now - Softwash Grey isn't really me but I must admit the Gold Dust is beautiful!

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    I got my online order today:

    Relaxing e/s
    Summer Neutral e/s
    Y & Kei lookbox (love!!!)
    & a postcard (the boob one)!

    I'm definitely wanting a bunch of the liquidlast liners, but I did a tally of what i want from all the summer collections-- and these guys are going to have to wait until fall, I think.

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    So far... nothing ! but that will probably change tomorrow, im gonna check it out
    Im thinkin bout getting
    relaxing e/s
    pink cabana l/s
    apres sol l/s
    softwash grey piggie
    --- and maybe a beauty powder, I'ma try everything to make sure I like it before I leave

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    I don't even think I can buy anything from Sundressing, which is a huge downer. like, it's just mac-buzzkill. By the time I get ANY money at all, i think everything is probably gonna be sold out for good.

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    I really liked this collection. I got:

    Glamoursun l/g
    Tres Cher! l/g
    Languish l/g (which is actually my fav of the lipglasses *surprise*)
    Sundressing l/s (also love)
    Summer Neutral e/s
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    I bought

    Gold Dusk
    Softwash Grey (the pigments are so nice)
    Apres Sol l/s
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    I bought:
    Relaxing e/s
    Summer Neutral e/s
    Shell Pearl beauty powder
    Gold Dusk pigment
    Softwash Grey pigment
    ......and not from Sundressing, Goldmine e/s

    I think I may go back for Li Living Pink e/s because it really was beautiful and I thought it was similar to expensive pink but its sooo different. Its also the one that they had alot of so Wendy ( my fave girl) told me that I could probably hold off if I needed to. It really is a beautiful line.

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