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    strange encounter with MAC employees

    I was doing some shopping and I walked past the MAC counter and holey, I dont know if it was some kind of joke or what but they all had black eyeshadow up to their eye brows and black( or a dark somethin') around their lips and light in the middle. Basically all the wrongs of makeup. it was kind of funny, i should have asked but i didnt have any time on my hands. i just thought id share it with everyone. or if anyone knows what they do on fridays haha.

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    Saturdays at my MAC FS store is Theme days, they always do weird things and every1 has to match the "theme" like one week they made bandit or zorro like type masks around their eyes and they wrapped around the side of their heads and one week it was "tigers" they all had tiger-esque face masks, it was prob something like that you saw. Maybe some1 on here that works for MAC will fill ya in better ,because I could be crazy lol but they do do theme type days/things sorta like that here but its on saturdays
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    Yep, sounds like a theme weekend, only I can't think of where the inspiration might have come from. It sure got your attention though, huh?

    The only thing with wild theme weekends is sometimes people don't get it, and they say things like, "You're not gonna do my makeup like that, are you?"

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    Hehe... the girls at my MAC counter today were all pirates with eye patches and all. It was kind of cool.

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    lol i could just imagine the customers faces when they saw them walking around with eye patches. lol i think that is a neat idea though.

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    OH!! this happened to me to this one random day (probably saturday since it was packed!) all the ladies wore this "naughty school girl" attire and it was pretty funny =] all the girls had to wear their hair in pigtails

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    Let me tell ya....I love theme days...when I was at counter, I would really get into them....when Rebel Rock came out, I went totally punk (that was my era, girls!!) and even did electric blue streaks in my hair. Mind you, I didn't leave the store for lunch, because I would feel kind of stupid walking around the mall like that!!

    There are some theme days, though....that make me feel totally ridiculous. We did a doll theme once...HUGE eyelashes, doll cheeks (blush applied in circles on the apples of the cheek), pink lipstick. I thought I looked totally dorky, but I'm a trouper and ended up having fun. Thank god I only worked a few hours that day and didn't have to go to lunch (although I probably looked strange as hell driving to work!).
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    Originally Posted by ms.marymac
    Yep, sounds like a theme weekend, only thing with wild theme weekends is sometimes people don't get it, and they say things like, "You're not gonna do my makeup like that, are you?"

    I guess they are busy enough on saturdays that it is the perfect day to do it. I aviod my store on weekends,as it is a madhouse. however my last trip i managed to hit it at lunchtime and there was a breif lull and at one point it was just me and my fave mua. i felt so special
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