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    Easy Depotting With a Flat Iron!

    I don't have my digital camera here with me, but this is such an easy process - I'll try to explain this as best as I can. Any questions, just ask!

    This is the best way I've found to depot MAC e/s's and blushes. Simple, quick and mess free. Just please use caution with the flat iron, as it does get extremely hot, and can burn you. Don't depot around small children, please.

    1. Flat Iron (for hair)

    2. Tiny flat tip screwdriver (very small, like you'd get in a $1 eyeglasses repair kit at Target, K-Mart, etc.

    3. Oven mitts or heat resistant gloves that you can grasp small e/s holders in.

    4. Goo Gone or other adhesive remover (optional)

    5. Clean, flat work space.

    Step One: Plug up flat iron. Set to highest temp available. Lay flat iron on it's side, so that you will be able to place an e/s or blush holder on the iron's flat surface.

    Open e/s or blush pot, and carefully insert tiny screwdriver into the groove shown in the photo below (dark line at top of arrow). Gently pry until shadow holder pops out. Take care not to pry to hard, and please note that if one side seems difficult, try prying on the other side, or center of the groove. Make sure not to drop it when it pops out of the pot.

    Set your empty pot aside (you'll need to remove the sticker later, by simply pulling it off the pot). Keep the screwdriver handy for later.

    Step Two: Place the e/s or blush pan holder (with shadow/blush inside) on the plate of the hot flat iron. Let the shadow/blush sit on the plate for 40 seconds (your flat iron may vary, so please check often the first couple of times).

    Step Three: Use care, and remove the shadow holder from the iron (IT WILL BE HOT), hold the e/s/blush holder using oven mitts or heat resistant gloves, and use the end of the screwdriver handle to push in the bottom of the e/s/blush pan. If it doesn't seem soft enough to push in, place the holder back on the iron for a few more seconds.

    Step Four: Once the plastic on the holder is soft enough, you will be able to easily push out the e/s pan. The e/s pan will also be VERY HOT, so please USE CAUTION.

    Step Five: Place the depotted e/s pan upside down on a clean, flat, smooth surface and allow to completely cool.

    Step Six: Once the e/s pan is cool, you may use Goo Gone, etc, to remove the glue residue from the bottom of the pan. Make sure not to get any of the adhesive remover on the e/s itself.

    You may also wish to skip step 6, and simply place the sticker you removed from the bottom of the pot over the glue.

    You're done !
    Forget diamonds! MAC is this woman's best friend!

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    here's a link to one i did like yours, but with pics


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    very nice.

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    I love this method...I depotted about 14 shadows this way.

    And...haha...I was so mad! The last one I did was black Tied, and I've gone thorugh a few of them...they all seem to have untimley deaths after about a month or so (I have tons of black tied in powder form to say the least) and uh...as I was removing the plastic insert with my pocket knife...it flung across the bathroom and onto the tile, then bounding onto the OFFWHITE bathroom rug. MESSSSSSSY.

    and yet another broken black tied. and a spotted black rug.

    but this time....i grabbed some alchol and a press and fixed it right up thanks to those other tut's..


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    Re: Easy Depotting With a Flat Iron!

    awesome! thanks! i just need a flat iron.

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    Re: Easy Depotting With a Flat Iron!

    Very easy and almost no mess!

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