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Thread: Holy Grail MAC

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    Holy Grail MAC

    Whats your HG MAC product for the following: MAC only, no cheating!!!!

    Eyeshadow Highlighter:
    Eyeshadow Crease:
    Eyeshadow lid:

    I'll Start if i may

    Foundation: SFF NC40
    Powder: MSF Medium Dark
    Skinfinish: Shooting Star
    Blush: N/A
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Gold Dusk Pigment
    Eyeshadow Crease: Gladabout
    Eyeshaodw Lid: Elite
    Eyeliner: Stilleto Liquid Eyeliner
    Lipstick: Touch
    Lipglass: Factory Made
    Mascara: Mascara X

    Your turn!

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    the city of angels
    Foundation: studio fix fluid, by far.
    Powder: studio fix powder foundation compact.
    Skinfinish: so ceylon.
    Blush: ladyblush blushcreme.
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: goldbit eyeshadow, or white frost.
    Eyeshadow Crease: deep truth eyeshshadow, beauty marked eyeshadow, carbon eyeshadow.
    Eyeshadow lid: parrot eyeshadow, satellite dreams eyeshadow, freshwater eyeshadow.
    Eyeliner: blacktrack fluidline.
    Lipstick: 15 minutes or up the amp.
    Lipglass: viva glam v.
    Mascara: mascara x.

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    Foundation: don't use MAC, but I loooove the studio finish concealer
    Powder: Blot Powder medium
    Skinfinish: Shooting star.. if I'm already tan
    Blush: Coygirl
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Vanilla
    Eyeshadow Crease: Twinks... makes blue eyes POP!!
    Eyeshadow lid: for everyday, Retrospeck
    Eyeliner: p/p in Buried Treasure or Mystery e/s; again, awesome for blue eyed blondes!!
    Lipstick: ahhh.... Hug me... HG for everyday
    Lipglass: snowgirl.... just looks good no matter what!
    Mascara: this is tough, I love Fibre Rich lash or Mascara X!
    NW/NC15-20, Chanel Vitalumiere BR12, and Chantecaille Just Skin Alabaster. Golden blonde; blue eyes &#58

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    Foundation: don't use MAC fdtn, but Moisturecover Concealer as fdtn
    Powder: Blot Powder
    Skinfinish: Porcelain Pink
    Blush: Plumfoolery
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Vanilla pigment
    Eyeshadow Crease: Parfait Amour
    Eyeshadow lid: Coco pigment
    Eyeliner: Buried Treasure pp, Graphic brown f/l
    Lipstick: Pink Maribu
    Lipglass: Morning Glory lustreglass
    Mascara: never used MAC's mascara
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    Richmond, BC, Canada
    Foundation: studio fix fluid
    Powder: studio fix and/or blot powder in medium
    Skinfinish: petticoat (it's been the only one that shows up nicely)
    Blush: dollymix
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: nylon
    Eyeshadow Crease: carbon
    Eyeshadow lid: normally i reach for purples. so... purple shower?
    Eyeliner: blacktrack f/l
    Lipstick: viva glam v
    Lipglass: mouthwatering or viva glam v
    Mascara: i've never tried a mac mascara. but i've always wanted to try mascara x

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    South Texas!!
    Foundation:Can't find one
    Powder:Can't find one
    Skinfinish:Shooting Star ---only 1 I have ever tried and bought
    Blush:Ambering Rose
    Eyeshadow Highlighter:All that Glitters
    Eyeshadow Crease:Brown Down
    Eyeshadow lid:Amberlights
    Lipglass:don't like
    Mascara:use drugstore

    For reference I am NC45/C7

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    Foundation: Studio Tech
    Powder: Blot in Medium Dark
    Skinfinish: Shooting Finish
    Blush: Margin
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: Coppering or Twinks
    Eyeshadow lid: Woodwinked
    Eyeliner: Graphblack technakohl
    Lipstick: Snob
    Lipglass: Viva Glam V
    Mascara: Pro Lash in Coal black

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    Martha's vineyard
    Foundation:Studiofix fluid nw15
    Powder:medium pressed powder
    Skinfinish: shooting star
    Blush: Ladyblush blushcreme
    Eyeshadow Highlighter:Ploof
    Eyeshadow Crease:carbon,
    Eyeshadow lid:aquadisiac, fountainbleu
    Lipstick:giddy or hug me
    Mascara:i've never tried thoseeee

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    I'm excited to tell my favsso here it is:

    Foundation: Select SPF in NC50
    Powder: MSF Natural in Deep
    Skinfinish: Petticoat
    Blush: Ambering Rose
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Retrospeck
    Eyeshadow Crease: Expresso
    Eyeshadow lid:Sable
    Eyeliner: Blacktrack fluidline
    Lipstick: Honeyflower
    Lipglass: wet, wild, and wonderful plushglass
    Mascara: N/A (CG lash exact is my fav!)

    blah brown eyes, hair, and NW 43 MAC Addict
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    Yorkville, Toronto
    Foundation: Select Tint
    Powder: Pressed Blot
    Skinfinish: Shooting Star
    Blush: Cherry
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Shroom or the light side of Burning Ambition/ Illutionary
    Eyeshadow Crease: Romp or Mulch
    Eyeshadow lid: Romp
    Eyeliner: Stubborn Brown
    Lipstick: Midmauve or Honeyflower
    Lipglass: Viva VI
    Mascara: HG is by Estee Lauder

    Professional Event Planner and Makeup Artist

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    Jul 2006
    new york city
    Foundation: Still looking ( currently studio fix c7)
    Powder: MSF Natural in Dark
    Skinfinish: Shooting star
    Blush: Desert rose and Sunbasque
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: N/A
    Eyeshadow Crease: N/A
    Eyeshadow lid:N/A
    Eyeliner: Engraved pp
    Lipstick: Wild 'bout you
    Lipglass: pure vanity
    Mascara: N/A (Hypnose)

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    Senior Member luckyme's Avatar
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    Vinton, VA
    Foundation: SFF
    Powder: Avant Gold Medium
    Skinfinish: Shimpagne
    Blush: Sweet William BC
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Goldbit and Naked Lunch

    Eyeshadow Crease: Coco Pigment
    Eyeshadow lid: Goldenaire
    Eyeliner: Graphic Brown
    Lipstick: Viva Glam V
    Lipglass: Nymphette
    Mascara: None

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    Cleveland, OH
    Foundation: never used any MAC
    Powder: never used any MAC
    Skinfinish: Gold Deposit
    Blush: Sunsparked Beauty Powder
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Vanilla Pigment
    Eyeshadow Crease: Coco Beach pigment
    Eyeshadow lid: Tan pigment
    Eyeliner: Graphic Brown f/l
    Lipstick: Dainty Cake
    Lipglass: Pink Grapefruit
    Mascara: never used any MAC

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    Senior Member Deirdre's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    British Columbia
    Powder: Medium Skinfinish
    Skinfinish: Shooting Star
    Blush: Gingerly
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: Cranberry
    Eyeshadow lid: Gleam
    Lipstick: Sophisto
    Lipglass: Lovechild
    NC 25

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    calgary, AB
    Foundation: Studiofix Fluid NC35
    Powder: Blot Loose Medium Dark
    Skinfinish: Shimpagne
    Blush: sheertone duo primpin'/gold kitty
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: fluidliner in rich ground
    Eyeshaodw Lid: coco pigment
    Eyeliner: fluidliner in graphic brown
    Lipstick: midimauve, hot tahiti
    Lipglass: VG VI, pink grapefruit, gaze, palatial lustreglass
    Mascara: i can't wear any MAC mascaras. they all smudge on me

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    Foundation: Studio Fix (NC45/C6) n SFF in NC45
    Powder: Sheer Select Loose
    Skinfinish: So Ceylon
    Blush: all of them (for real)
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: cant pick
    Eyeshadow Crease: cant pick
    Eyeshadow lid: Goldmine, Amber Lights, Naked Lunch
    Eyeliner: Smolder
    Lipstick:dont like wearing any
    Lipglass: Oh Baby, Nymphette
    Mascara: none (unfortunately)
    MAC is like crack.
    MAC Artist, NW43

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    Foundation:Studio Fix Fluid NC15
    Powder: do not use
    Skinfinish: Shimpagne
    Blush: Dame
    Eyeshadow Highlighter:Shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: Dovefeather
    Eyeshadow lid: Mink Pink
    Lipstick:Body Suit
    Lipglass:La La Libertine
    Mascara: Mascara X
    There's not much makeup in the army, is there? They only have that nighttime look, and that's a bit slapdash, isn't it? ~ Eddie Izzard

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    Foundation: Studio Fix powder
    Powder: Blot Loose and Pressed
    Skinfinish: So Ceylon
    Blush: Sprinsheen
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Gold Dusk pigment
    Eyeshadow Crease: Chocolate Brown pigment
    Eyeshadow lid: Woodwinked
    Eyeliner: Blacktrack
    Lipstick: Strawberry Blonde
    Lipglass: Sunny Boy
    Mascara: none

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    Foundation: I don't use MAC for the first two...
    Skinfinish: Shimpagne
    Blush: Mocha
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Dazzlelight
    Eyeshadow Crease: Satellite Dreams
    Eyeshadow lid: Melon pigment
    Eyeliner: Blacktrack f/l
    Lipglass: Phosphorelle
    Mascara: I don't use MAC's mascara

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    Senior Member ledonatella's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Foundation: none
    Powder: loose Blot in Med.
    Skinfinish: Shimpagne
    Blush: Shy Angel
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Jest
    Eyeshadow Crease: currently In Living Pink
    Eyeshadow lid: Electra
    Eyeliner: Nightfish fluidline
    Lipstick: Flamboyance
    Lipglass: Full For You plushglass
    Mascara: none
    "You can't have the femme without the fatale....." ~ Madonna

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    Senior Member theleopardcake's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    los angeles
    Foundation: i don't use mac fdtn
    Powder: nope lol
    Skinfinish: shooting star
    Blush: style
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: nylon
    Eyeshadow Crease: mulch
    Eyeshadow lid: soba
    Eyeliner: black tied (wet)
    Lipstick: high tea
    Lipglass:big kiss plushglass
    Mascara: none

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    Oooh, fun post! Here are mine:

    Foundation: Studio Fix N3

    Powder: Pro Set Loose in Dusty Rose (very translucent)

    Skinfinish: Stereo Rose

    Blush: Lovecrush

    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Vanilla Pigment

    Eyeshadow Crease: Dark Soul Pigment (applied wet)

    Eyeshadow lid: Dark Soul

    Eyeliner: Chromacake in Black Black (applied with a gel)

    Lipstick: Ruby Woo

    Lipglass: Desire or Explicit

    Mascara: n/a (other brands)

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    Jan 2006
    Foundation: studio fix fluid nc15
    Powder: never tried
    Skinfinish: shimpagne
    Blush: fluer power
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: parrot
    Eyeshadow lid: shimmermoss
    Eyeliner: blactrack
    Lipstick: fleshpot
    Lipglass: crystal rose
    Mascara: only tried one, zoom lash, it was pretty good.
    Just another teenager addicted to MAC

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    May 2006
    Foundation: N/A Non MAC
    Powder: Light MSF
    Skinfinish: Shimpagne
    Blush: Dollymix
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: Chocolate Brown pigment
    Eyeshadow lid: Coco pigment
    Eyeliner: Blitz & Glitz
    Lipstick: Feelbright (Amplified)
    Lipglass: Lip 65
    Mascara: n/a - I do have Zoomlash, but it's far from HG.

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    San Diego, CA & NYC
    Foundation: Concealor- non MAC
    Powder:Non- MAC
    Skinfinish:Smooth Harmony- Beauty Powder ( Diana Collection)
    Blush: Texture ( when it was a blush eons ago)
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Nylon
    Eyeshadow Crease:Sketch
    Eyeshadow lid:Beauty Marked
    Eyeliner: Blacktrack
    Lipstick: Icon
    Lipglass: Entice
    Mascara: Bourjois brand

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    aiea, hawaii
    oh, fun!!

    Foundation: SFF NC30
    Powder: MSF Medium
    Skinfinish: Stereo Rose
    Blush: Blushbaby
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Vanilla eyeshadow
    Eyeshadow Crease: eh, I don't really have a crease, but I do put B-rich on the outer corner
    Eyeshadow lid: Lightshade
    Eyeliner: Technakohl in Graphblack
    Lipstick: High Tea
    Lipglass: VG V
    Mascara: My HG isn't MAC

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    Vancouver, BC
    Foundation: n/a
    Powder: medium loose blot
    Skinfinish: lightscapade
    Blush: sweet william
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: bronze
    Eyeshadow lid: woodwinked
    Eyeliner: blacktrack f/l
    Lipstick: high tea
    Lipglass: malibu barbie
    Mascara: mascara x
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    Nov 2005
    Foundation: no mac, i use bm
    Powder: no mac, i use bm
    Skinfinish:shooting star
    Blush: stray rose
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Vanilla Pigment
    Eyeshadow Crease:chocolate brown pigment or beauty marked
    Eyeshadow lid: ummmmm.. i have a lot, haha.. depends on what color look im going for, but i guess all time would be pink bronze pigment
    Eyeliner:blacktrack fluidline! or smolder e/k :]
    Lipglassrrr or mouthwatering
    Mascara: mascara x

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    Foundation: StudioFix (C2, NC25) or StudioFix Fluid (NC15, NC20)
    Powder: Invisible Set Powder
    Skinfinish: Shimpagne
    Blush: Blushbaby, Stray Rose, Springsheen
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Vanilla, Shroom
    Eyeshadow Crease: Era, Soft Brown, Club, Kid
    Eyeshadow lid: Smut, Satin Taupe, Shale
    Eyeliner: Phone Number, Permaplum
    Lipstick: Blankety, Plink! (I mix these)
    Lipglass: Wildly Lush Plushglass
    Mascara: Zoomlash

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    Senior Member Glitziegal's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Swansea, UK
    Foundation: Studio Fix fluid
    Powder: Blot
    Skinfinish: Shooting Star
    Blush: Posey blushcreme
    Eyeshadow Highlighter: Phloof
    Eyeshadow Crease: Bronze
    Eyeshadow lid: Summer neutral
    Eyeliner: Blacktrack fluidline
    Lipstick: Culturebloom
    Lipglass: Flash of Flesh
    Mascara: Mascara X

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