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    bardot/bardo lipstick

    anybody have any?

    it was discontinued years ago and my mom and aunt are still crying. haha

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    Damn! I have crazy, mad, Rain Man-like skills when it comes to remembering MAC colours and colour stories and you have me stumped. Let me look into my "network" and see what I can find. You may not want it after the time that has passed. The product may have turned.

    A close second alternative is to go to www.threecustom.com or http://www.threecustom.com/custom01.html (to go straight to the lipstick matching service). They reproduce lipsticks. They may have Bardot on file. Won't you be a hero? Your mom and aunt will LOVE YOU! I'll get back to you.

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    Sorry! I looked and couldn't come up with anything. I know how your mom and aunt feel about Bardot, as it is probably pretty close to how I feel about MAC's Rizzo. You should email threecustom. Let us know if they have it on file. Good luck!

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    I just recently did a MAC live chat and asked the MA what a good match to Bardot is....she said MAC's Jubilee lipstick is similar. HTH!
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    Re: bardot/bardo lipstick

    what did it look like? I'm super curious now!

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