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Thread: POLL: What is your skincare regimine?

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    POLL: What is your skincare regimine?

    post yours!

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    pasadena,ca / boulder,co
    morning: st. ives scrub for sensitive skin or lush's fresh pharmacy. (it depends on my mood)

    night: noxema wipes (the ones that don't require water) to take off makeup.
    lush's fresh pharmacy.
    proactiv toner.
    clean and clear's 10% benzyol perioxide for those troubled spots.
    and dove's night time cream

    i've been really stressed about finals and not sleeping very well so my skin has been breaking out like crazy. but hopefully over the summer, things will get better.
    i still need to find a good makeup remover and facewash in one.

    in about a week i'm switching my own routine.
    in the morning: i don't know yet. i'm thinking about biotherm's skin brightening cleanser.
    night: paula's choice one step cleanser for normal to oil skin.
    clinique's mild toner.
    i'm still looking for a nonharsh spot treatment for occasional pimples that aren't going to be too hard on my skin.
    mositurizer: i don't know yet. i have uneven skintone so something that will help that.

    if you guys have any recommendations, please help!

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    Oh god, I'm terrible. I was my face with Dove bar soap when I shower at night. In the morning, I Stridex my face, add moisturizer, and do my makeup. My poor, poor face.

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    Dove Sensitive Skin Bar
    Biotherm Pure Bright toner
    Biotherm Source Therapie
    Clinique Super City Block SPF 25

    Almay Non-Oily Eye Makeup Remover Pads
    Philosophy Purity Made Simple to remove makeup
    Biotherm Hydra Detox cleanser
    Biotherm Pure Bright Toner
    Avene Diacneal

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    Chicago, IL
    All Philosophy Products unless otherwise noted

    The Great Mystery scrub
    Mini Peel Pads (every other morning)
    When Hope is not Enough Serum w/ Hope and Prayer Vit C Powder (same days I do the mini Peel)
    Oil of Olay Complete Defense Moisturizer w/ SPF30

    Purity Made Simple Cleanser
    Hope in a Jar moisturizer
    Hope and a Prayer retinol capsules (every 2-3 nights)
    Hope in a Tube eye and lip cream
    Kiss Me lip balm

    Microdelivery Peel
    - Shanna

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    morning, i wash with murad refreshing cleanser and then use kiehl's oil-free moisturizer. if i get a pimple, i use some stinky murad cream - words wonders, though i can't remember the name of it. at night, i just take off whatever makeup with one of those ponds cleansing wipes.
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    - Pure Bright Cleanser
    - Biopur Astringent
    - Source Therapie
    - Hydra Detox Eyes

    Night: (When I have the time.. *Guilty*)

    - Clarins eye makeup remover
    - Pure Bright Cleanser
    - Biopur Astringent
    - Hydra Detox Eyes
    - Biopur Night cream

    But I change my routine every 1-2 months.
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    Montreal, Canada
    - wash face with l'oreal pure zone cleanser.
    - Toner (nivea alcohol free)
    - Eye moisturizer (Avon Anew)
    - Moisturizer (Mac Moistue Feed)
    - Avon eye makeup remover
    all the same products as morning, just a little more moisturizer.
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    Southern California/Sydney, Australia
    St Ives Combination Skin cleanser (the new one)
    Clinique DDML
    Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15

    St Ives Cleanser
    Biotherm Biosource Combination Skin toner
    Clinique DDML
    Ponds Dry Skin Cream

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    I think someone started a similar thread to this, but here goes anyway:


    no cleanser, just wet and wipe face with hot flannel
    perhaps wipe down with toner if oilier than usual (Aesop parsley seed antioxidant toner)
    facial moisturiser, at present Bobbi Brown's brightening moisturiser SPF 25


    if wearing makeup, Shu Uemura cleansing oil
    cleanse with Dermalogica special cleansing gel OR Korres milk protein cleansing emulsion, OR Aesop fabulous face cleanser (it's between the two)
    exfoliate with Dermalogica daily microfoliant (every 3-4 days)
    toner, as above
    if desired, mask (ModelCo heat caps)
    if needed, Paula's Choice 8% AHA solution on blackheads/scars
    toner, as above
    moisturiser: Aesop primrose facial hydrating cream, or Korres sugar crystal multivitamin skinshield cream

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    When I used foundation or/plus powder, I always cleanse my face with a milk (of different brands; I don't have a favourite one) and afterwards I use a tonic - mostly nivea for sensitive/dry skin or sometimes rose water. Then I apply a day or night cream from Kneipp with almond.

    Once in a while (if I have a lot of time) I scrub my face, give it a steam bath (or how do you call it?) with some herbal tea in it and put a mask on my face (Kneipp - almond as well). When I have been really bad to my skin, I use some serum when I go to sleep.

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    Morning (depending on my mood):
    Phytomer Rose Visage Toner
    Any Astringent
    TBS 24-hr Treatment lotion w/kinetin
    Serious Skin Care Olive Oil Moisturizer

    If wearing make-up: MAC Cleanse off Oil
    Repeat Morning

    1-2 times a week Chanel Scrub
    1x a week TBS Basil Purifying Mask
    1x a week TBS Honey and Oat Moisturizing mask

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    Vichy cleansing foam
    Biotherm Biosensitive eye cream
    Biotherm Age Fitness cream

    Shu Uemura cleansing oil
    Vichy cleansing foam
    Clinique toner
    Biotherm Biosensitive eye cream
    Roc night cream

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    Upstate, NY

    Cleansing process?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what everyone's routines were for am & pm face cleansing & whatever.

    I used to never wash my face-other than in the shower-a bad habit picked up from my mother. Then I started wearing Studio Tech every day & breaking out....I now use makeup remover & cleanser & a moisturizer, but I know that there's more that I should be doing.

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    I try to wash every night, but I don't always. I'm terrible for falling asleep with all my makeup on. I'm sure I do it at least once a week. Fortunately, I never have breakouts. In the mornings I just rinse and moisturize.
    My skin is on the dry side, so I don't like to use cleansing products more than once a day. It seems to irritate it even more.
    I use Olay cleansing cloths.

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    I wash/exfoliate and moisturise morning and night with Lush products. I also do a mask once or twice a week.

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    This is my current routine, I try to follow it most of the time, but I have fall asleep in my make up as well.
    SK-II Skin treatment cleanser
    Toner ( what ever i have, SK-II or Lacome)
    eye cream (Estee Lauder Hydra Complete)
    moisturiser (Cream de la mer/SK-II Advance Signs Treatment)
    Sunscreen (Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50)

    Eye makeup remover (loreal) or/and
    Cleansing oil (fancl)
    cleanser(SK-II or Origins check and balances)
    Toner(Sk-II or Lancome)
    Eye Cream (Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Lifting Eye Cream)
    Treatment( SK-II Skin Refining Treatment)
    moisturiser (SK-II Advance Signs Treatment or Cream de La Mer)

    twise a week i will exfoliate with Origins Never a Dull moment or mordern friction or Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D. Maybe a mask as well if i have time.

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    I have a simple routine:

    Morning: Wash with Aqua Glycolic
    Apply Alotte Time Repair Anti-Wrinkle Serum & Time Restore

    At night: Wash with Aqua Glycolic
    Apply Alotte Time Repair Anti-Wrinkle Serum & Time Restore
    splash on Evian Remineralising Softening Toner
    Alotte Maximum Moisture Complex

    Every other night: Wash with Aqua Glycolic
    Do a light scrub with baking soda
    splash on Evian Remineralising Softening Toner
    Apply Retin A

    I am going to be changing up my routine soon. I change it as my skin changes and I noticed the other day that I need to get some different/more Aloette products.

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    Calgary, Canada
    When it comes to skincare, less is more IMO. It seems like the more I fiddle with my skincare routine and add things here & there, the more agitated my skin gets. Here's my routine...

    Cleanse w/Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser & Aveda chamois <-- excellent cleansing cloth!!... gentle on skin but scrubs it down nicely
    Spritz with Lush Eau Roma toner just to freshen things up a little before makeup
    Moisturize with L'Occitane's Radiance Moisturizing Cream (love this... moisturizes really well and adds a nice glow to my skin but isn't oily or pore-clogging)
    Foundation primer then makeup

    Cleanse with Lush's Ultra Bland cleanser & Aveda chamois
    Toner - Bobbi Brown's Soothing Face Tonic... this helps remove any leftover grime from the day but doesn't contain alcohol (like many toners do), so it's quite nice on the skin.
    Moisturize as above

    A few times a week I use Lush's Angels on Bare Skin to exfoliate. Not every day because my skin can't handle it (and I don't think it needs to be exfoliated every day anyway). HTH!!

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    Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash
    Witch Hazel on a Cotton Pad
    Nelson's Acne Gel
    Nelson's Tea Tree Cream
    (morning) Mac Oil Control Lotion [dont use at night]
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    Morning - Beyond Belief Alpha Beta Hydrox Pore Refining Scrub
    Beyond Belief Alpha Beta Hydrox Oil-Free Moisturizer
    Mary Kay TimeWise Eye-Cream

    Evening - Mixture of olive, grapeseed & jojoba oils to cleanse, remove with washcloth
    Beyond Belief ABH Oil-Free Moisturizer
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    Even if you just use a basic cleanser & moisturizer, I think having a good skincare regimen can make a huge difference.

    Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
    Biotherm Pure Bright Toner
    Biotherm Hydra-Detox eye gel
    Biopur Moisturizing Matifying Fluid

    Philosophy Purity
    Biotherm Pure Bright toner
    Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for combination skin
    Neutrogena spot treatment as needed

    Twice weekly:
    MAC Microfine Refinisher

    Estee Lauder So Clean mask

    I recently switched to a couple new items, but so far I'm happy.
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    I probably have the easiest/most pathetic skincare routine! But my skin reacts well to almost anything.
    Dove bar soap to cleanse
    Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

    Dove bar soap or Eucerine(sp?) clear pore to cleanse
    Sea Breeze Astringent with Salicylic Acid

    The end!

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    My night definately is more complicated than the morning, hehe, guess i&quot;m more tired then

    Splash face with water, massage some cetaphil in, rinse and then Garnier Fresh moisturizer on any dry parts.

    Garnier Fresh eye makeup remover to get all the gunk off my eyes
    Then Neutrogena Bar cleanser most of the time to wash off my face
    Then depending on what I bought that round, some sort of astringent or cleansing pad
    Then a light self tanner for the face, which also moisturises

    Then ever other day I use an exfoliating scrub and once a week a mask

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    Originally Posted by bluegrassbabe
    I try to wash every night, but I don't always. I'm terrible for falling asleep with all my makeup on. I'm sure I do it at least once a week. Fortunately, I never have breakouts. In the mornings I just rinse and moisturize.
    My skin is on the dry side, so I don't like to use cleansing products more than once a day. It seems to irritate it even more.
    I use Olay cleansing cloths.

    Sometimes I fall asleep with all my make up on too and I've never broken out or anything. When I wake up in the morning I look horrible, but my skin is fine.
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    new jersey
    ddf foaming cleanser, ddf glycolic toner, ddf oil free moisturizer-haha, yeah, it's a pattern

    ponds cold cream and then just a repetition of the day with an eye cream added and skipping the moisturizer. i have oily skin so i feel like i have to do all this stuff to control it. plus twice a week a mask. i like doing this though..i'm weird.
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    -Oil of Olay Anti-Aging/Anti-Blemish salicylic acid wash
    -witch hazel toner
    -any of my many moisturisers. I switch them around. Usually either Origins A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian or Chanel Precision Age Delay Serum

    -philosophy purity made simple facial cleanser to remove makeup(best ever makeup remover)
    -Oil of Olay clarity toner
    -at night, I use a deeper moisturiser than day. again, one of my many.
    -any of my eye creams

    Twice a week:
    -masque. either Origins You're Getting Warmer or Jaqua Pumpkin Papaya Puree Enzyme

    Every other day:
    -some sort of exfoliating treatment. lately, Origins Modern Friction.

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    clinigue gentle face soap, clarifying lotion, and dramatically different moisturizing lotion. it comes in a little kit, and you use it twice a day. i dont always use it twice a day (shame on me) but its great for clearing up your skin.

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    This post is also a rave for Serious Skin Care, Aloette DHC products and 1 Murad product!!!

    So it's been almost a month of me using their products. For a month is plenty of time for me to know if a product will work for my skin. It allows me to see if it will cause breakouts and what the products will do for me.
    I've been using their Skin Renew Kit
    I just placed a 2nd order for the kit because it's cheaper to get the products that way and it has everything I love.
    The only two products I don't really use is the A-Cream SPF 30 with Peptides and the A-Force with Peptides. Still it's cheaper to get the kit and I figure this summer while by the pool I will use them more.

    Anyways, you all know I don't dance around and make things seem like cotton candy and bubblegum. I tend to really hold back on face products. I like to give them enough time to work or not work. At first my face went through some purging. Nothing really bad but when is purging a beautiful thing? I stuck to the routine and now I just love how my face looks. BTW the purging was for 2 weeks.
    Of course many of know that I am using cold water to wash my face which is really helping with oilies and my pores.
    This skin care routine has brought back the life and glow to my face. It's not a &quot;you've been using chemicals on your face red glow&quot; that I usually get from products. It's a rosy cheek fresh faced glow. I finally have color back in face. When I turned 28 my face just lost all it's color. Hitting 30 made me realize I needed and wanted that glow back.
    I have been testing out different products only to become very unhappy with the results.

    While my skin is not in perfect condition it's not the mess it was back in Jan.
    I also use 2 products from DHC which have really helped too! My face tends to hate toners. Any toner I've ever used just tears at my skin and makes the acne worse. I had switched to using the Evian water spray but it just didn't seem to do enough. I had used the DHC micro spray once before and thought I would give it another try. The first time I had it I only got to use it about 3 times because I lost it on a trip. It's not just water. It also has green tea, thyme, and houttuynia extracts. I use it day and night after cleansing or anytime my face feels it needs a refresh.
    The other product isAcerola Gel.
    This baby is packed with Vitamin C and since it's a gel it doesn't make my face oily. I've been very pleased with using this as my daily moisturizer.

    The products that I use by Aloette have helped ease fine lines and keep my skin balanced after using Retin A gel given to me by my derm. The aloette has NOTHING to do with the results of less acne and a brighter complexion but it has helped with moisture balance and fine lines.

    My routine:
    • SSC A-Wash
    • DHC micro spray
    • Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment (this has nothing to do with the results of my face but I will say it's helped my eye area!)
    • SSC Ice age applied twice around the eyes
    • DHC Acerola Gel
    • Once a week SSC Home Spa Facial Peel

    • SSC Glycolic Cleanser
    • DHC Mirco Spray

    Now this where my routine changes
    Everyother night I use Retin a gel given to me by my derm. When I use this I only cleanse and tone.

    Any night I am not using the Retin A I switch between SSC and Aloette

    SSC night:
    For the 7 days I do the C-Appeal System and follow with
    • D-N-A Defy Normal Aging Facial Beauty Treatment
    • C-Repair
    • First Pressed Olive Oil Moisture Replenishing Eye Balm

    Aloette night:

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    Wash with Cetaphil bar soap
    dab at dark spots and lips with Vit. E
    spot treat acne with Neutrogena On the Spot treatment
    Moisterize with Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF 15

    Remove makeup with Cleanse Off Oil (MAC)
    Wash face with Cetaphil bar soap
    Moisterize with AHA Souffle

    aspirin mask
    cover spots with Vit E, put circular band-aids on spots
    ninja by day...

    student by night

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