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    Best Eyeshadow Sealer???

    I've heard of Benefit's She Laq, Makeup Forever's seal, etc., but I have no idea which one to buy. In your opinion, which is the best?

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    Ive actually never heard of e/s sealers, but more e/s primers such as MAC Bare Canvas and UD Primer Potion. They are both great at priming the eye and keeping shadow in place all day.

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    I suggest using Bare ID Weather Everything Eyeliner Sealer. Put it over your eyeshadow and your eyeshadow lasts throughout the day

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    benefit she-laq is very good, but i've never used any other sealers so i can't compare it to anything else

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    I’ve used Bare Escentuals “i.d. Weather Everything”, Benefit’s She Laq and Laura Geller liner sealer. All of them are adequate imo. Whenever I use shadow to line my upper and lower eye, I swipe it over the finished product. I never mix the shadow w/the product and then line my eyes. Because I like a soft line and I can’t seem to soften the line if I mix the product w/the shadow and then apply it. [or maybe it’s just that I lack the make-up skills to do the mixing]

    But all in all I really love either of these products because it turns any of my shadows into long-lasting liners with no smudging; thereby preventing raccoon eyes! It is a must have for me!

    Laura Geller is the cheapest, btw.

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    I have benefits She-Laq. I mostly use it for my eyebrows and eyeliner. But sometimes I find it may feel a lil stiff. So I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to use it on the lid.

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