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    wedding makeup...pinks

    hey guys, my friend recently asked me to do her makeup for a wedding, and she wants something pink, really vague i know. Shes probably nc20, blonde and blue eyes... ive got quite a few pinks such as.... swish, rio de rosa, sweetlust, fuschia pigment, etc. I was just wondering if anyone could offer some suggestions including any of those, or any pinky colours that would work well?!?! Thanks in Advance!

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    One of my favorite "pink eyes" is:

    Yogurt - lid blended up past crease
    Girlie - Crease
    Melton Mauve - Depth on outer 3/4 of eye

    Those colors have the benefit of not being frosty and it's extremely feminine and polished. Girlie is the only shadow out of the 3 with any frost in it (and it's very little), it can be easily dropped out of the eye if you prefer no shimmer.
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    Janice, those colors sound so pretty.
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    I use mink pink a lot for weddings and similar events.
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    I'm doing a wedding too for a girlfriend who wants pink, but smoky. so we're doing phloof, sketch and a little plum dressing on top of the skecth to intensify it a bit. Seedy pearl is nice for a soft pink too. Hope it helps.

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    im new to mac but i think mythology is great with pinks. it could be used to tone down the pink and make it more neutral.

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