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    MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    Not really sure where to put this, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong section.

    So many people have food allergies and food intolerances, and while they might remove the food from their diet, they don't stop to think about the cosmetic products that they are using can easily get into their mouth (lipsticks and lipglosses are the main worry obviously).

    I found this list online this morning on a gluten-free website, listing all the MAC products that were gluten free and I thought people on here might be interested:

    • Lipgelee
    • Lipglass
    • Studio Finish Matte Foundation SPF 8

    • Chromeglass - contains corn and soy
    • Eye shadows - contains soy
    • Fix + - contains corn and soy
    • Fluidline - contains corn
    • Frost Lipstick - contains corn and soy
    • Full Coverage Foundation - contains corn
    • Glaze Lipstick - contains corn and soy
    • Green Gel Cleanser - contains corn and soy
    • Lustre Lipstick - contains corn and soy
    • Lustreglass - contains soybean seed extract
    • Matte Lipstick - contains corn
    • Plushglass - contains soy
    • Powerpoint Pencil - contains corn, soy and canola
    • Satin Lipstick - contains corn and soy
    • Select SPF 15 Foundation - contains corn and soy
    • Select SPF 15 Moistureblend Foundation - contains Palm kernel oil, soybean oil, corn & rice
    • Select Sheer loose Powder - contains corn and soy
    • Select Sheer Pressed Powder - contains corn and soy
    • Sheertone Blush - contains corn
    • Studio Finish Concealer - contains corn
    • Studio Finish Pressed Powder - contains soy
    • Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - contains corn and soy
    • Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - contains corn
    • Studio Mist Blush - contains corn and soy
    • Studio Mist Foundation - contains corn
    • Studio Tech Foundation - contains palm kernel, soy & corn

    • Tinted Lip Conditioner - contains wheat germ oil and soy
    • Amplified Creme Lipstick - contains hordeum vulgare (barley) extract,triticum vulgare (wheat) germ extract and soybean extract
    • Day SPF 15 Light Moisture - contains polysorbate 80 (wheat), biosaccharide
    • Fast Response Eye Cream - contains wheat germ oil, barley extract and cornoil
    • Prep + Prime Skin, which contains saccharide isomerate (wheat)

    Thankfully I only have to worry about the gluten!

    I also have a list of other product brands that are gluten free, but I haven't posted it up as I wasn't sure if I was allowed?? (I'm new)

    Anyway, hope you found this list helpful!
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    Re: MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    Very useful information. Thankfully, I do not believe I have any allergies to these since I use like everything you listed. But I'm sure people that do have allergies will appreciate this!

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    Re: MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    I agree, I'm so happy you posted this
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    Re: MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    wow i didn't realize that those with gluten allergies had to be aware of what they put on their skin as well!

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    Re: MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    Originally Posted by jillianjiggs
    wow i didn't realize that those with gluten allergies had to be aware of what they put on their skin as well!

    Yep, and it's really annoying! I kept wondering why I was getting headaches after using certain lipgloss or lipstick.. and then I realised it had wheat in it - even my toothpaste had wheat in it! I didn't even think to check those things, I was only thinking of what was in my food.

    I'm so happy that my favourite brand, MAC, has so many gluten free products

    ps. I'm absolutely loving this forum - everyone is so helpful and friendly!
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    Re: MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    Awesome thanks!!! My sister has a gluten allergy, and she recently found out that she can't use those pots of lipgloss from MAC, and she was wondering what else had it. <33

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    Re: MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    You rock! This is completely awesome. :-)
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    Re: MAC Makeup - Gluten Free List

    Very useful list, thanks for posting it up!

    Also, those lists for gluten-free products made by other cosmetic brands? You can post those in the Other Cosmetics Forum. I'm sure it will be helpful to plenty of ladies & gents out there who use products other than MAC!
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    How about Sheen Supreme Lipsticks?

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    This is amazing! Great list, I never once stopped to think about the ingredients in my make up. Celiac totally sucks, so thanks again.

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    Hi....new here too!
    Thank you for your info!
    I am trying to find as much information on Gluten free cosmetic products (Dept store ones) as I can. Would love any info you can share! Thanks!

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    Wow! I just found this site by Googling about MAC being Gluten free or not, so I signed up! Great site and thanks for the list! I just got endorsed by MAC and had my makeover and $500 in free MAC make up about a month ago, and just this week have found out finally after almost 16 years of problems, I am allergic to Gluten!! Terrible sinus drainage / post nasal drip, lots of gray hairs at the age of 15, itchy scalp......... So I was afraid my new MAC products were going to be a problem for me! Whew! Thanks for the post!

    Mackenzie Morgan (Mac)

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    Mackenzie, what do you have to do to get that endorsement/makeover/product?


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    Well, my promoter contacted them about endorsement, and they agreed and gave me the makeover and free products. In return, I advertise for them on my website and anywhere else I can.

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    How about the Mineralize Blush (warm soul), The Studio Careblend Pressed (medium), Mineralize Skinfinish natural (medium plus) And select moisturecover mineraloze concealer (NW20)???
    They have contain Gluten??????
    Please I need to know!


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    Thank you for this list! Mac's brush cleaner has hydrolyzed wheat protein it too!

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    Do you have Celiac Disease?

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