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    Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    I'm quite pale, blond hair, blue eyes and I'll be going to my brothers wedding in a blue dress, royal is the name of the shade, I think :P

    What shades of eyeshadows would you reccomend?

    Thanks everyone!! :]
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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    Golds, yellows, bronzes even copper. Not only will they make your eyes pop, they'll give nice contrast to your outfit.
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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    bronze or copper would look pretty

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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    Royal wink fluidline! haha if you like matching your m/u to your outfit

    Or simple smokey eye w/ dark, chocolate brown colors (nice change from black)

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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    Thnx everyone!!
    I'll do some experiments when the date is closer, i'll try all your rec's :]
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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    I posted a similar question


    is your dress a similar shade?? Im using the chanel's quad in blue celeste

    check out this link
    Chanel 2008 Spring Makeup Collection Preview by beautyjunkie - MyItThings Magazine
    there is a pic of a girl with blue eye shadow,liner..
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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    i would say silvers and blues for the eye
    pink blush (sheer cool toned)
    and pink nude lip wid lots of gloss
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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    Match your make-up to your shoes, your handbag or your jewellery rather than your dress - if you're wearing a striking royal blue; matching to that would most likely wash you out and/or cause your face to loose 'focus'.

    Picking up colours from your jewellery and/or accessories is an easy way to tie a whole look together and it's excellent when you're being photographed - you always end up looking slightly more together and polished than the person next to you.
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    Re: Makeup for a blue-royal dress?

    I would also recommend classy and elegant look, you'r dress sounds by the way gorgeous to me! I instantly assosiate with some sleek, simple and timeless look. I would suggest you to keep your skintone pale, in my opinion pale and bright skin looks very sophisticated. I would line my upperlid with some nice eyeliner (if you prefer black one I would recommend you MAC's Nightfish or blue one Royal blue as Beautypsyko too). I would match it to some nice and neutral eye shadow. Then pale skin and a bit pink fresh cheeks (in my head I see MAC's Pink swoon or Chanels Turbulent blush on you) and deed red lips (I see in my head MAC's Russian red lipstick). But do not choose this look if you don't feel yourself comfortable in red lips. And then classic and sleek hair bun. Somehow it reminds me a bit Gwen Stefani's style. (:

    Another look which I also could see is silvery eyelook with neutral lips and whitegolden/silver plain jewellery.
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