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    SMH Cosmetics

    on the makeup website of all cosmetics wholesale..there's going to be a new brand of makeup called SMH..What is SMH? thanks..

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    Re: SMH Cosmetics

    I'm pretty sure it's Stars Makeup Haven. You can check out their eye shadows here:

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    Re: SMH Cosmetics

    yeah i think it could be stars makeup haven 2. theylook goregous and are so inexpensive!

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    Re: SMH Cosmetics

    I bought some of the SMH eye shadows a few weeks ago and they are all very nice. I'm really impressed with the quality. The empty palettes are not so impressive.

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    Re: SMH Cosmetics

    does any one know if they are the same size as MAC refill eyeshadows?
    i've bought empty pans an magnets from the also, they were pretty solid
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    Re: SMH Cosmetics

    allcosmeticswholesale website says they're the same size. I recall reading that in a few blogs as well. Some more info here in case anyone's interested:

    Makeup By RenRen: stars makeup haven

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    Re: SMH Cosmetics

    Same size. I have the huge 26 holder and I'm putting pigments in it today, that I pressed. Perfect fit and wonder of wonders, magnetic! She's even got colors that SMH, does not have up. I am super impressed and buying a ton of palettles for my MAC pans and my pressed piggies, as well as the stuff I make myself. The only thing I need is a good source for empty pans. The one I'm using only sells in lots of ten with a presser and it's a little pricey. Great pans tho.
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