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    How to apply lashes on the lower lid?

    I just got some false lashes for my lower lid, but since I never used them, I am not 100% sure how to apply them. I think they go below the lashes, but whats the best way to make them lok natural?


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    Re: How to apply lashes on the lower lid?

    If I wear lashes on my lower lashline, I place them underneath the lashes, and close the gap between the natural and fake with eyeliner and eyeshadow really well.
    I think the placement it the most important, I cut them shorter than my top lashline fake lashes also.
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    Re: How to apply lashes on the lower lid?

    False lashes on the lower lid are usually smaller and more spaced apart if you want a natrual look. The best placement is below the eyelash hairs and from the middle of the eye (iris ) towards the ends. I like to use the transparent duo and get as close to the actual lashes as possible. After that I use mascara on all lashes and the result is lovely. Obviously if you need a touch up of any liner you should do that before you apply mascara.

    You can also use the individual hair eyelashes and apply three or four on the bottom lash line -- these can be intertwined in the middle of the actual lash hairs.

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    Re: How to apply lashes on the lower lid?

    thanks ladies. I got a strip that are spaced apart. I guess I'll just use half of each. Thanks!!!

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