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    Lollipop Lovin Lipstick

    Hey I hope this has not been previously asked, I did do a search for it and found no results

    Does anyone know any good dupes for Lollipop Lovin lipstick? or if it is going to be re-released soon?

    Thanks xxxx

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    Re: Lollipop Lovin Lipstick

    I don't have a dupe but I would say it's probably not going to be re-released anytime soon as it was already released in 2 seperate collections within the last 2 years (Heatherette & Sugarsweet).

    I have seen it for sale in the Specktra swap/sale section for only $15 if you need one. Or there are a bunch on EBay.
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    Re: Lollipop Lovin Lipstick

    to be honest the reason why i like it so much is because it's like nothing else! i can't think of another lipstick that has the greeny sheen like it does. and like the above poster said i don't think it'll be re-released anytime soon as we've had it 2 times over the past 2 years

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    Re: Lollipop Lovin Lipstick

    Have you looked on the sway & sale section of the forum, that's where I brought my one. HTH
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    Re: Lollipop Lovin Lipstick

    The closest thing I can think of is Surprise Me..but of course it doesn't have the green tinge which what makes LL so unique....

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    Re: Lollipop Lovin Lipstick

    Originally Posted by kelly2509t
    Have you looked on the sway & sale section of the forum, that's where I brought my one. HTH

    Agreed! I even saw Lollipop Loving lipstick on allcosmeticswholesale.com if you want to get it off of there or you can go to the Clearance Bin to see if anyone is selling it. I love that lipstick so much! It's so unique and so glad that I purchased it.
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    Re: Lollipop Lovin Lipstick

    pretty sure you can get it in the swap/sale section. i posted a want ad in there and im an currently buying one.. lol.

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