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    Job Interview for Lancome on Monday...

    Hi everyone. I have enjoyed reading thru the many posts on this website and found so much helpful information!

    I have a job interview for Lancome on Monday and wondered what should I expect? I dont know if it is a group interview or not. The position is full time beauty advisor. I love working with makeup and someday I would like to attend makeup school and become a freelancer.

    My resume is ready (although the department store has a copy already) and I bought a nice dark brown suit to wear for the interview. I am planning on keeping my eye makeup in shades of browns and my lips a brownish pink., nothing too dramatic.

    Any tips?


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    Re: Job Interview for Lancome on Monday...

    Hey, I wasn't sure if you interviewed yet or not, but Lancome likes friendly, aggressive people. They're big on complexion since they do foundation dramming a lot and preselling for gift is huge. Skincare and fragrance are their #1s so make sure you have a little knowledge about anti-aging regimens and how to sell a fragrance. They like if you have the personality to pull people to the counter.

    Lancome has a very sophisticated look with neutrals or soft color looks, but it can vary by location for what they're looking for because they hired me with purple hair and green eyeshadow hahaha =)
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    Re: Job Interview for Lancome on Monday...

    How did it go?

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    Re: Job Interview for Lancome on Monday...

    I was wondering what is starting hourly wage that someone has as Lancome beauty advisor? If anybody can help me with that?

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