Thread: Favorite Zoya nailpolish

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    Favorite Zoya nailpolish

    Hey lovelies,

    I just got 6 zoya nail polishes and 1 OPI. What is your favorite zoya nail polish.

    So far I have posh,ibiza,malia, perrie,zara,drew.

    I am liking posh and perrie more.
    zara needs atleast 2-3 coats for the color to show up
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    Re: Favorite Zoya nailpolish

    So far I've tried only frosty/metallic shades and my favs are:
    Lola, Bebe, Barbie-pinks

    I really want to get sooo many more though, they have the best selection! Their lipgloss is really nice too. I love it.

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    Re: Favorite Zoya nailpolish

    I love Zoya polishes and I have many favorites, including: gwin; perrie; nephratiti; kalma; anaka; ibiza; and sam. I am thinking of getting kelly for fall.

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    Re: Favorite Zoya nailpolish

    I think my fav Zoya polishes are the ones coming up from this new collection!

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    Re: Favorite Zoya nailpolish

    i really like the polishes from the sparkle collection - pretty glitters! Ivanka is my fave out of the lot though

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