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    Need Help For Blonde Hair!!!!

    Ok so i am a licenced cosmetologist, but i do need a little help every now and again. My best friend wants her hair to be A very light blonde, right now it is a level 3 dark brown. What type of bleach works best, or should i just strip the color out of her hair? Or is there a bleach that will lighten many levels so i can just tone her hair to a light blonde?
    Thanks for the help!!

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    Re: Need Help For Blonde Hair!!!!

    wella blondor has purple toner in it so it lightens dark hair really well..I would probably reccomend to do a full foil though and not bleach it all over and gradually add more blonde. It is a process but over time her hair will be healthier and it will look soo much more natural.

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    Re: Need Help For Blonde Hair!!!!

    ^^ I agree with the foils and do it in a process rather than do it all in one shot.
    I use Paul Mitchell's Dual-Purpose lightener. I love it, I use it on my own hair.
    I try others, but I ALWAYS seem to come back to that bleach.

    Depends how white she wants to go. I use Pravana's color remover, smells like complete ass, but it works. Obviously you'll get the blonde results quicker than just foiling over that level 3.
    Does she want ashy/white or honey/golden blonde?


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    Re: Need Help For Blonde Hair!!!!

    I'm quite an experienced specialist stylist. For years I tried different things to make hair a light blonde or platinum with minimum damage. My conclusion: unless you are working with virgin hair you might aswell forget about it. Not that it's not possible to achieve the colour, but to lift hair that has been coloured to a light blonde without a ridiculous amount of damage or keratin hardening* is virtually impossible.

    * when hair is over processed to such an extent that the keratin hardens making the hair a bright yellow colour. Keratin hardening is irreversible.

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