Thread: Really stupid Annabelle liner question

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    Really stupid Annabelle liner question

    For all you Canadian ladies, I just bought an Annabelle Smoothliner for the first time. I love it! Its soft and creamy and after 12hrs today was exactly how I applied it this morning, no smudging or fading.

    But until now I've only ever used hard pencils or liquid liners. This smoothliner is soft and creamy, and seems to be the eyeliner stick inside a hard case. I don't know how to sharpen it?? When I bought it I thought it was the self sharpening twist up kind, but its obviously not. Can I just use a regular sharpener? I like a sharp point, and I think this will get blunt very quickly, and I think this will be replacing my current liners for awhile, so I need to figure this out!

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    Re: Really stupid Annabelle liner question

    Yes you can use a regular sharpener, just don't push the pencil too hard because it will smoosh.

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