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    Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE) Swatches

    I've been meaning to do this for quite awhile, and finally gotten around to it.
    I searched and searched, and probably missed it if this is already is it's own thread, please move it if I screwed up, and sorry for making the mods do more work >.<

    *All taken in Natural Light (or else as noted)
    *All swatches were done without base

    I only have 8 of Vee's 100+ shadows.
    -Skin of a Killer (Twilight Collection)
    -Bare Naked
    -Boyfriend Sweater
    -Brown Eyed Girl
    -Slumber Party
    -Summer Skies

    Natural Light (top) vs Flash (bottom)

    Natural Light (top) vs Flash (bottom)
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    Re: Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE) Swatches


    Big Brother (Emmett Cullen)

    Skin of a Killer (Cullen Family)

    Dear Mom (Esme Cullen)

    Black Ice (Rosalie Hale)

    Just Bitten (Bella Swan)

    The Perfect Cure (Carlisle Cullen)

    Regular Eye Shadows
    Island Chic


    Strawberry Cupcake

    My Belle

    Aqua Foil

    Just Dance!

    Cloud Coverage





    Ahoy Sailor!



    Trophy Wife

    Ladies Night

    Hot Mess

    More soon!
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    All swatches taken in tungsten lighting. The left swatch is over a sheer swipe of NYX Jumbo pencil in milk to show the shadow mattified. The right swatch is done with a slightly damp brush over nothing.

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