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    Updated make up storage

    I posted 3yrs back of my old make up storage area in this thread


    UPDATED AS OF 25/8 /2014

    Added a big ikea square mirror <3 <3 Now it looks like a proper make up station

    My main vanity table is still the same, but i've added additional plastic drawers on my table

    So I put the stuff that I use everyday on the table like brushes, Primers, BB cream and some lipsticks and lipglosses on stackable plastic containers which i bought from MUJI

    On the table top

    Lipsticks and lipglosses - stackable

    And here are the contents in the drawer:

    Drawer 1: Mac eye palettes, single eyeshadows quads and pigments

    Drawer 2: Mac single e/s, mineralized e/s and other miscellaneous e/s ( Urban decayVice palette & Alice in wonderland palette stored in this drawer as well)

    Drawer 3: Lip drawer.(I still have another small plastic drawer filled with all mac lipsticks)

    Drawer 4: Cheek products ... I am obsessed with cheek products

    Drawer 5: Another drawer of cheek products MAC only

    Drawer 6 : Yet another drawer of cheek products :X

    Drawer 7: Eyeliners, cream shadows, mascaras

    Drawer 8: Powders

    Drawer 9 False lashes ONLY omg..i have too much of them

    Drawer 11: Sheet masks and 2 MAC xmas sets from glamourdaze

    And the opaque containers from Muji. They have not changed much, but ive since rearranged this drawer quite a bit

    Lunasol (japanese brand) eye quads

    Urban decay palettes and skincare

    Mac lipsticks

    And more blushers again.....

    Miscellaneous items like skincare and cotton pads

    Oopps pardon me for the messiness in this drawer, Will get it organized soon.

    Miscellaneous Eyeshadows and blushers


    Glitter and ice face kits, nyx smokey eye kit. MAC pre made 15 pan palettes & other miscellaneous make up

    Foundations and BB creams & concealers

    More nailpolishes and other misc skincare

    Skincare items

    YSL eye palettes, lipsticks, nail polishes, creme blush

    MAC antonio lopez face kits & eye palettes, OTHER brands e/s, MAC msf & mineralized blush, tarte blush

    And other misc make up stuff e.g. mini pigment sets and new brushes in this big drawer

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    Re: Updated make up storage

    Your pigment collection makes me weak in the knees! Love it!

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    Re: Updated make up storage

    I love it! So pretty and organized! Your mom is great!
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    Re: Updated make up storage

    I love the cabinet it's gorgeous and such a fabulous collection

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    Re: Updated make up storage

    I love it, especially the eye shadow and blush drawers!
    For reference: NC40

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    Re: Updated make up storage

    Love your collection and how it's organized!!!
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    Re: Updated make up storage

    Wow, serious organization skills! You have one hell of a collection
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    Re: Updated make up storage

    omg i'm mesmerized! hahaa greeat organization! i love that you can just open a drawer and see everything clearly

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    Re: Updated make up storage

    What a great mom! Looks like they did a great job on the cabinet and the vertical lines of the wood grain give it such a nice modern look. I know you haven't asked for storage tips but if you ever run out of space in your shadow drawer, maybe consider one of those dvd organizers for your palettes to keep on top?
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    Re: Updated make up storage

    I love it!

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    Re: Updated make up storage

    so jealous of your blush drawers!
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    Re: Updated make up storage

    i'm officially out of space for more blushers and eyeshadows >.<

    unless i depot them...but i'm too lazy to depot my eyeshadows and i refuse to depot my blushers.....LOL!

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    * hands down* i love your collection.

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    I want ALL of your blushes!! So many, lol!!

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    Updated with new storage on top to my addition make up table. I am almost out of space yet again. >.< Time to go shoppin for storage solutions again.

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    I like your storage and organization. You have a lot!

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    this is blowing my mind, WOW. I wish I had this much makeup.

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    :O holy s**t wow

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    Is this a mac store??? Love you collectiotion!!! enjoy it..

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    Love your collection

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    Quote:Originally Posted by geeko

    I posted 3yrs back of my old make up storage area in this thread


    I've since changed it last yr to this - er well..once again my mum got a carpenter to customize this dressing cabinet for me as she saw that my collection outgrew the old storage. I think she has given up hope on me for overspending on make up

    UPDATED AS OF 10/10/12
    Just realized that the last time I updated this was like almost 2 yrs ago and on top of my big dressing table, I've added more Opaque plastic drawers for more storage

    Here's how it look like currently, with the addition of new drawers on top of my dressing table

    And the contents...

    And the new addition to my storage solution is the following Opaque plastic containers from MUJI..

    Oopps pardon me for the messiness in this drawer, Will get it organized soon.

    Phew That took quite sometime for me to update!

    Wow this is an amazing collection!!! And so organized!!! I need to work on mine because I can't find anything LOL!!

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    Updated my make up storage as of 6/3/14. I will update this every year or so to keep track of my make up stuff.

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    Nice idea to update your post as a way of keeping track. Luv cheek products too lol
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