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    NARS blushes for WOC

    I think NARS blushes are beyond beautiful and I want
    more but I dont know which ones to get. I have Taj Mahal
    and albatross so far

    So what are some others that you love and why?
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    I'm anxious to try NARS blushes as well, and have heard that Torrid is the WOC's Orgasm. I can't speak on it though as I haven't tried it myself. Lovejoy is also on my list. I want to try Illamasqua's blushes as well, I've heard great reviews about those too. Maybe someone else can offer some more insight ?

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    really? i gotta look into Torrid. I just brought torrid during a blog sale for 12 bucks so I hoping that it looks ok.
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    I'm sure you'll love it, check back in after you get it!

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    Last year the NARS site had a 30% off sale and I went a little crazy on the blushes. I got and I love:

    Exhibit A

    I already had Taj Mahal. I think I will be adding Torrid while the Sephora F&F Sale is going on.
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    I just started getting into nars a few months ago, and I have Albatross, Taos, Taj Mahal, and Mata Hari . . I love them !!!!

    Has anybody tried their cream blushes ?? Im looking into getting Montenegro & Catcus Flower
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    Montenegro is fab.... you gotta get exhibit A.... I loves it!

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    My favourite Nars blushes are; Exhibit A, Taos.

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    really exhibit A was so red im so scared of it
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    I didnt notice taos I gotta check it out!
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