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    Didnt pass clinique interview but...

    I had a clinique telephone interview and didnt pass it i don't know what i did wrong she only said 'there's already alot of applicants who fit the job role' so why the f*ck did she interview me in the first place!!!
    i think i did pretty well myself, i researched properly and told her what i know about the brand, i answered her questions really easily and in detail and told her about my experience in sales and retail

    I did a mac telephone interview 2 year ago, passed it, but didnt hear anything back

    what the hell am i doing wrong? i wish they could hire you just from going to the counter and asking if they have jobs because i think it would be better, imagine if a telephone interviewer passed and she was absolutly rotton and unhygenic but was good in the interview, i certainly wouldnt wanna see her working at my local clinique and im sure everyone else will agree.

    any advice?
    i want to apply for the MAC one now but im just so nervous about another telephone interview it has really knocked back my confidence
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    All Lauder owned make up brands put you through "Talent Plus" which was sounds like it was the phone interview. Basically they use it to determine what kind of sales person you are, how you handle success and failure, what your work ethic is and so on.

    I'm sure you did really well, but if they had other people interview that maybe already had counter experience at Clinique or another Lauder owned brand, they probably went with them. They interviewed you to give you a chance to out-shine other candidates, and although you did well, they ended up going with someone else. Nothing wrong with that. It also wouldn't be fair to NOT interview interested people and give them a chance to convince them to hire them instead of another candidate.

    After Talent Plus, there is another in-person interview, so trust me, they won't end up hiring someone that has body odor and no personal hygeine LOL. Nobody wants to buy make up off someone that stinks.

    Just stay positive and apply again... maybe if you're close with one of the MAC MAU they can go over some of your Talent Plus answer with you outside of the store. Otherwise, if you're not hired during your next interview, ask what areas you could improve on and what you could do different.

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    I know this didn't work out for you, but I'm in the same boat that you were in. I've completed all of my face to face interviews but have my final Talent Plus one over the phone tomorrow. I'm so sorry that your confidence is down and you didn't get the job. But, if you wouldn't mind, please tell me some of the questions that they asked you...situation-based/hypothetical..everything you can remember. Good luck & thank you so much for your help!

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    Sorry for the late reply.. just getting back on the specktra bandwagon!!
    ive had two interviews for estee lauder brands (MAC and clinique) and they were both very similar
    questions such as: What experience i've had in retail/sales/customer service.
    What i know about the brand?
    How would i sell a product
    Whats my fave item of theirs
    and i think there was one more.. there wasnt many questions which was good but they were fairly easy you just gotta use common sence.
    I know i have lack of experience in makeup but i know i could do a pretty good job, they just need to give us a chance! Ive seen makeup artists at counters who do dreadful make overs and know nothing about makeup compared to other people
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    See, I passed my interview and I managed to pass the phone interview-due to my personality and my strong customer service background and faint knowledge of Clinique.
    Then four days later I was due for a face-to-face but public transport totally let me down and I tried to rearrange over and over again with the manager and never got back to me.
    So I say, don't worry about Clinique- they seem to just pick and choose who they want to and boycott others!- which is very rude!

    However, good luck with MAC... I'd say the best thing you can do it get a portfolio and CV sorted, send it off to their headoffice (address should be on their website somewhere)- with a cover letter to give them a rough idea who you are, what you're about, why you want to work for MAC and what branch/ store you want to work out- where they have their counters... and they should get incontact... I did this and waited for about a month, just to be told that there were no vacancies...

    Maybe try that. .. and again, don't worry about Clinique, as I said they are very rude people when you are applying for a job and snub almost everyone sweetheart, just dont let it get in the way of your confidence- just if you don't get through, rub it off and just say 'its not meant to be but look what you're missing' :P Teehee... works everytime.
    Good Luck in Future sweety


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    Something to think about with the phone interviews, is if they are the doing the Talents Plus structured interview is that they might already have people with your talents working at their location. The interview is designed to assess things like you work ethic, positivity, entrepreneurship and other qualities. The ultimate goal of the hiring person is to have a well rounded and strong team. You might be positively amazing but if they have lots of people with say a strong work ethic, and that is your strength as well they might have to turn you down for another applicant that will better round out their team.

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    I passed mine. The guy who spoke to me first gave me a hint how to pass... Talk about the accredited programme that clinique do. Like you, I have no knowledge of working in beauty...only that i wear clinique makeup myself so i had some brand awareness and I am a retail sales person for a well known mobile phone company. Its all about sales and brand awareness, and what I do love is that you can work yaself up and become a skin care specialist. I don't think I said anything amazing, I just went on about how much im a sales driven person, and how much i would love a job in beauty sales. And i bigged myself up, mentioned that i had never missed my set target in 3 years at my current job etc. They want confidence and strong brand awareness. When i got invited for a face to face interview she heard my 6 month old baby in the background and asked how old she was. Tbh i think that might have ruined my chances because I have a young baby. It puts employers off.

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    I have done 3 interviews. This Wednesday I interviewed with the store manager and assistant manager. They told me the Talent Plus people would be calling me if a few days to set up my phone interview. Yesterday I had an interview with the clinique counter manager and it went amazing. Talent Plus hasnt called me yet.. how long does it take after the interviews. Its only been one day but I feel like I should maybe call the store tomorrow? Anybody have any advice for me??

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