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By Shimmer on June 9, 2008

I recently hit my last birthday in this decade of my life, next year is the big three dash oh. Sooooo I was super glad to receive the M Lab Travel Collection in the mail a couple of weeks ago.


M Lab is described as a line with “an extraordinarily high number of clinically active ingredients designed to target every visual sign of aging.” Claims of this nature generally strike me as hyperbole so I admit to being dubious. I read the site, I read the literature, and figured “What the heck?” and decided to give it a go.

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It’s already showing a difference. I have fine lines around my eyes and worry lines (read: frown lines) between them…the M Lab skincare line is already changing that. My skin is softer, firmer, and naturally more even after just two weeks.  I’m literally rubbing between my eyes now with my fingertip, feeling where my frown creases are, and they’re FAR and AWAY less noticeable and palpable now compared to a month ago, it’s unbelievable.

The Travel Kit contains anti-aging cleanser (45% clinically active ingredients), anti-aging toner (62% clinically active ingredients), anti-aging treatment cream (68% clinically active ingredients), anti-aging treatment serum (74% clinically active ingredients), anti-aging day treatment SPF 15 (65% clinically active ingredients), and anti-aging eye cream (59% clinically active ingredients).   What do those numbers mean? Well, for the most part, the typical luxury cosmeceutical product will contain 10 to 20 percent active ingredients.  The M Lab line contains upward of 45%.  That’s some serious correction and treatment we’re talking about.

Of course, a product line like this comes with a decent sized price tag.  The Travel Collection is a six piece kit that will run you $130.  On the other hand, the products are so rich and creamy, you don’t need much at once. A little bit goes a LONG way.   The Anti Aging Treatment Serum is, in my experience, the magic bullet for this line. A teeny little drop will work all over the face and down onto the neck, and like I said, the difference when using this stuff is visible, immediate, and pretty much inarguable. If you’re remotely interested in anything from this line, I would suggest the travel kit, or biting the $275 and splurging on the Anti-Aging Treatment Serum.

M Lab is listed as being safe for all skin types…I’m more on the dry side (more on that later) and really don’t have very sensitive skin (which is why it’s so surprising the only MAC foundation that works for me is the Select. But again, more on that later…) but I did notice that when I use the M Lab product, my face feels like it’s been peeled recently…like I’ve gone to a spa and had a facial treatment. Some people with more sensitive skin may not appreciate the sensation, because it IS kind of tingly and may leave you feeling a little chapped, but to me, it’s not that big of a deal at all, and the results are WELL worth it. I look at it like waxing/threading…it’s a wee bit of discomfort for some EXCELLENT results.

All in all, I would honestly swear by this product, and give it two HUGE thumbs WAY up. Our readers in the market for a superb anti-aging product line would do well to investigate and try M Lab.  Check out for purchase!

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