Additional Hello Kitty for MAC Cosmetics tidbits surfacing

By Shimmer on November 10, 2008

I went to the pro store today to make a little haul for myself and i asked about the hello kitty collection and all i got was that its gonna be a black packaging and its gonna have rhinestones…its gonna have a very adult hello kitty look to it…i mean this is nothing new u guys already knew this…but i tried ladies…theres gonna be like a good kitty and a bad kitty theme to items, like the heatherette collection.

Specktra forum member 3773519 shared the above information with us in the MAC – Hello Kitty Feb 2009 Discussion thread on the forum. This information is pretty much spot on with what I’ve heard from other sources, with a small difference in the description of the packaging. Sources (eek! I feel so…like…James Bond saying that…) say the packaging is NOT black, but is pink, and Miss Hello Kitty herself is black. Oh, and yes, on the sparkles bit!

Check in on the thread, or stay tuned to the blog. One way or another we’ll keep you updated on the latest Hello Kitty dish!  If you republish this information, please credit appropriately.

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