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The same brand I suggested for the original post, but a different shade. Hope that helps!!





Originally Posted by cappuccino View Post

Could anyone recommend a dye that will achieve this colour? Obviously it's a red/combination of reds from the Majirouge range, so if anyone could pin point the exact colours, that would be great!



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Thank you for the suggestion! :) However, I would rather use a salon colour, not a box dye.

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good luck to you!

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hey guys, what color/brand would you suggest for this shade of red? My hair's pretty much dark like hers (I dyed it light brown, going to dye it dark again this week) and I want to do the ends like that. Probably will bleach the ends and dye them red. Help please?



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^ That red is lovely. I wouldn't mind a red like that!

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where do you buy this?

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i have had that colour hair before i used swarsqoff live colour (i think thats how u spell it) they sell it in superdrug :)

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I used the Garnier Dark to Red dye and it washed out so much after one day... it sucked. 

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The best red I have ever had was number 047 Disco Infreno buy Clairol/Herbal Essences, however it was discontinued and I cannot find any red to match it. :(

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Hey! I may be male, but I can sure tell something about auburn hair color. For most of my life I was natural auburn hair colored. Well, I'm 42 now and I'm shaving my head; You already know why. But on the other hand - I loooooove auburn hair color - my wife "wears" it. She was actually artificial blonde for more than 20 years, but she decided to change that few months ago. I can tell auburn red hair changed many things. I wouldn't wanna name all of them, but there are significant changes eyelove.gif

I hope this won't be considered spam or anything like that, but there's a nice website right about auburn hair color I'd recommend to any woman:


Bottom line: girls, use auburn hair color - it shows passion and joy!

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Originally Posted by Shimmer View Post

Originally Posted by gildedangel View Post
I am looking for a medium to dark bright red. No red-browns, just red. Bright and obnoxious is prefered, but not required. I want something like Natural Insticts Maylasian Cherry or brighter in permanent hair dye form.


Like that?

Mine's not red brown, it's RED. Fire engine flaming bright stop light oh my god did you see her hair RED.
If you're looking for something like that, Garnier Nutrisse Hot Tamale.

I've always wanted to try that color but was afraid it would turn my hair orange... What color did you start with?  Did you prep your hair at all before dyeing?


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heyup chick can someone please tell me, are all these red colours you've died it taking effect after you've had dark hair like dark brown?xxxx

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I use Maji Rouge 7.4 and a red booster, I love, been using it for years!

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i am useing fiera and i have the same problem... so dont use the fiera...

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Use Splat...

Its not permanent but its Demi-permanent and last a long time. Demi-permanent is one step below permanent. It has a bleaching kit and after you bleach your hair use the dye and its like fire truck red and its amazing!!! And as far as I know the bleach doesn't kill your hair. I know some people get scared bleaching their hair but so far I had no problem with it. Also if you get this stuff i suggest getting that shampoo and conditioner for red heads, to help the color last longer.

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I REALLY  want to dye my hair red but i dont know what kind to do it with

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Go to a salon and get a consultation.
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Originally Posted by LittleRedRiding View Post

I REALLY  want to dye my hair red but i dont know what kind to do it with


What is your current hair color and is it natural or colored???
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You may try Garnier. Many professional hairstylist and user tend to agree that Garnier is the best permanent hair color out there but you should be extra cautious while using dye your hair.

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Pervana hair color is the best for reds.lasts forever. They also make stains called vivids that are great for 're-intensifying color. The stain coats only the outer layers of hair shaft so it is non damaging. Look it up online
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If you are truly dark brown stick to reds that have the numbers 2,3, or 4 in front of them. If you want to avoid Orange make sure the red has a little bit of a pink or violet cast. If you like it really vibrant you will need to do two steps. buy lightening powder and developer, or from a cubs or Walgreen something that says frosting or lightening, and mix it with shampoo. Lather damp hair with the mixture until it looks reddish Orange then rinse. This Is less damaging then the bleach on its own. If using permanent red wait 24 hrs before applying the red. If using manic panic or Pervana vivids, or another great long lasting one called Jerome Russel punky colors, (available at ulta), then you can use it immediately after rinsing out bleach mixture.
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All reds fade fast. Red requires a lot of maintenance. This is because the molecules used in red hair color are larger so they don't stay in the cuticle very long
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omg! I use the same thing, and I love it and all, but I can NOT go swimming with out having to re-dye it every single time! I am like soo tired of this semi-permanent junk!

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i just went red yesterday, today will be my first time doing a fotd with red hair.

what kind of makeup do you wear with the red hair.

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I was going through my old FB pics and I had to show when I went red (Ariana Grande) shade of red. LOL I didn't even KNOW she existed when I did this color but Im in my 20s lol.

Just a warning especially if u bleach it before and the red fades u will look like this:

LOL my skin is broken out in these pics and I was playing around with self tanner.

The ginger wouldn't be so bad if I had lighter features (light eyebrows eyelashes blue or green eyes and pink undertones).
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my new color . its semi perm and its by hoyu bigen 

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Very purrrrdy Im color correcting and thinking of going red this month after seeing a groupon ad.
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Also, Im thinking sulfate free shampoo will do the trick.
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Originally Posted by lovelydisarray View Post

I noticed that Garnier Nutrisse has been mentioned a few times, but if you are looking for a bright red, you need to make sure you buy the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colors (they are labeled as being made for dark hair). I believe they have three different shades. I use R3 which is the brightest. It HONESTLY barely fades. The only reason I need to dye my hair again is because my roots start to show. I love this color!!


Link to the color:



Pic of the color on me for reference:



Hope that helped! heart.gif




I have been tempted to use this product myself, but my hair is a naturally strawberry blonde, so I don't know how bright it will come out. 

Has anyone else with blonde or lighter natural hair used it before? If so was it worth it? 

I love red, the brighter the better, if I could get it like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, without having to bleach it blonde first, I would be so happy! 

I personally use L'Oreal Preference, it doesn't fade as fast as I thought, and gives a good even color, but the reds tend to be more on the auburn brown side, I guess to be more natural looking, but me? I love a bright ruby red! 



Link to the color:



Thank you everyone! 

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LOve the shade of red in  your hair..I have used garnier 3u deep r intense red.I have dark  Brown hair but it has been coloured in many shades of reds and browns  and also i have thick hair.. i would love to have a brighter red  . I was thinking of trying Ruby rush from loreal fiera again but garnier ultra is catching my eye also. Any advice to achieve a nice red i would appreciate it and by the way i dont want to bleach .. Thank you ..

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