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Note: This would be approximately 9 months to a year from now...

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Originally Posted by SamEDanger View Post

I still work at a Clinique counter, you should be getting a letter in the mail with your gratis ID so you can set up your password.

I started working for Clinique last October and I didn't get my Gratis letter until late Jan/ Early Feb. It might take a while depending on when your information was inputted. Gratis happens every 3 months at my counter, keep your letter so you can log in and check when your money comes in. Just keep up to date with your 2.2.2 and people won't complain that they didn't get called for GWP. See if your counter manager will  either give you the other girl's client file or evenly distribute it throughout all of you. I have no idea what a counterpro is but your account coordinator and exec should have given you their contact information so you can get ahold of them in case of something like this. Let me know if you need anymore help.

Good luck!


Thanks SamE! , I have not received anything from my rep yet, nor have I gotten my log in information in the mail...I did move recently, but I did email my exec my new address JUST IN CASE she was on the ball...no email back confirming she even got mine. The boutique my counter is located in, my head district manager of ALL the boutiques is the only one who can seem to get a response from her at all..he FINALLY got my confirmation for me going to "I am clinique class" ....today, and I leave Sunday. ACK. I really feel very conflicted because while I do like my counter, I am ready to move to another company. (No uniforms or 3 step yet either, and the next closest clinique girl to me got hers on day one of hire.) sigh. a counterpro is the paperwork *booklet if u will* that shows u how to set up your cases correctly with which product (like the launch case) In my instance...the launch case was set up for dec's launch, and i didnt get to update it till march's. As for my client base...I have brought up the counter sales 22% in 2 mths..not a small amount in my eyes...made my april month sales goal by april 20th..just feel like my exec doesn care bc I am a smaller volume store. sorry ending rant now :( 



Hope class is at least fun! What should I expect?

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I worked for Clinique for a year and a half. Gratis awards come every February, June and October. So you will be getting a letter in June with your User ID. Hang onto that for future awards, because they don't send those letters out until weeks after the awards have hit the website and a lot of times they are sold out of a lot of stuff if you wait for that letter. The first time you are kind of screwed because you have to wait for that first letter to come before you can do anything.


School is fun. I was always really pumped up afterwards....I'm assuming you are going to your first class "I Am Clinique"? You will spend a lot of time learning about different skin conditions, i.e. acne, aging, un-evenness in the skin, etc...what causes them and Clinique's approach to treating them. You will also spend a lot of time role-playing....partnering up and pretending one of you is the customer and one of you is the consultant, etc. Color isn't covered until the end of the 2nd day. In my class, we only spent about 2 hours on it. At the end of the 2nd day, you will receive your pins. You will receive some gratis at first class, but nothing really spectacular, trial sizes of a lot of skincare, little tube of mascara, a GWP lipstick if I recall correctly.


In July, you will go to Fall Strategy class...which everyone goes to, no matter how long they've been with Clinique. Those are one day seminars and are usually way more fun. You learn about upcoming products for Fall, a little more role-playing on how to sell those products and they usually give out pretty good gratis at strategy seminar.


Next season, probably in the fall, before the holidays, you will go to your second two day seminar "Creating Clinique Experts" this is more advanced, and you will spend the first day on skincare, role-playing, etc. The whole second day is spent on color, application, etc. Then next January or Feb you will go to Spring Strategy seminar. Your next seminar after that will be accredidation.......I quit right before I went to that one, so no tips for you there. Only that you will be timed on certain exercises such as opening and closing a sale, skin typing, applying product.........Hope that helps and good luck to you!

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And for Mad Hatter, I recently moved out of state. The store I worked for does not exist on the East Coast. I was told by my account executive that if I wanted to stay with Clinique to let her know and that she could get in me in touch with the account exec in this area. That account exec would be able to meet with me and be able to let me know what openings were available at which stores. Account execs have a big say over who works at the counters and they have a lot of push with the stores. So if she/he likes you, it will make it a lot easier and give you a big advantage over someone that is just applying from the "outside" for lack of a better word.  


I decided I didn't want to stay with Clinique anymore, so I didn't go this route. I am staying in cosmetics, just not with that line. 


Good luck to you!

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Thanks for the adivce Cleopatra, and also glad to hear about the seminars and all :)

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Hi!! Can you help me?! LOL! I am going to do a talent-plus interveiw at clinque within 48 hours and I'm nervous and I don't know what to expect. What type of questions do they ask and can you be specific for me please because I really want to nail this and be prepared. I want this job so bad!! Thanks in advance!!

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Hi! I have a talent plus phone interveiw within 48 hours, could you tell me what questions they asked you so I could be prepared? I so want this job!!! Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I have a talent plus phone interveiw within 48 hours, could you tell me what questions they asked you so I could be prepared? I so want this job!!! Thanks in advance!

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I am a newly hired Clinique employee. They have a VERY strict dress code including no visible tattoos. I would definitely lose the piercings for an interview and try to hide the tats. they will make you do that anyway if hired.

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I think that Clinique is a great company to work for. You should visit the counter in my opinion and find out who is the counter manager and let her know you are interested in working for Cliniuqe.  Introduce yourself and get to know the product and learn as much as you can about Clinique.

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Does anyone no how much they pay counter managers in smaller stores

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Originally Posted by beauty interest View Post

Does anyone no how much they pay counter managers in smaller stores



Totally depends on your area,etc.  Where I live (small mall, small town) it would be about a $0.50 to $1 hourly pay increase if you were to step up from regular BA, plus the extra commission.  If you were hired from outside, it would depend on your experience and background and how aggressive you are in negotiating bc the stores like to keep payroll low LOL.

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Thank you all for these stories. 

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Hi im starting to work for Clinique in Canada on Tuesday, well they said it was orientation. I have a question about the dress code, the lab coat what sizes does it come in and when do you get it?

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I just celebrated my year, and am leaving my counter with a heavy heart. @chey, wear basic black. Depends on if your account exec is near you and on the ball. Lab coats come in females sizes like pants (4, 6,8, 10) men: not to sure. Good luck to you!
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Originally Posted by Angelskiss View Post

I just celebrated my year, and am leaving my counter with a heavy heart. @chey, wear basic black. Depends on if your account exec is near you and on the ball. Lab coats come in females sizes like pants (4, 6,8, 10) men: not to sure. Good luck to you!

Sadly that is what I ended up doing as well. There were a lot of different factors that contributed to my leaving but it was not an easy decision to make.
I am definitely launching myself back into the industry!
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I am in the same position. I have a morgage and family to support but would love to take a job working at the Clinique counter for Belk. Unfortunatley I cannot find anything that tells me the salary I will receive. I have a job paying $16 per hour and that really isn't enough but would enjoy this position with Clinique so much more than my current job. Do you know how much I can expect the pay to be for this job? You can give me a guesstimate if you don't know the exact amount. I have no need to continue with the hiring process if the pay is lower than my cutoff rate. I have worked with makeup and skin care in the past during my years at a Day Spa. I also worked as a Nail Technician which allowed me the opportunity to learn skin care techniques from the Esthetician and have always been good at applying makeup. Though I was never formally trained in this area. I look forward to the training that will be given with this position because I love to learn anything that has to do with Beauty and Fashion. This job would be so much fun that it won't feel like work to me. My best years of my working life were at the Day Spa I worked at. I had the greatest clients that were very generous. I could experiment with products and barter for free beauty services. I even enjoyed the retail aspect of the job because the clientel that visits these types of places are looking to be pampered and are in the mindset that money will be spent. I hope customers at the Clinique counter are similar to the dayspa clients.
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Hey ladies!  I just joined this site and have been impressed by the amount of support and good information I have found on here.  I recently applied to the Clinique counter in Nordstrom and have been going through interviews, Talent+, etc.  It's taken a few weeks, and it complicates things that I'd be moving for the job so I've invested time and money for this opportunity, but it would be worth it for the change of scenery and opportunity for a job I'd love.  All I have left is to hear back from Nordstrom at this point.  I hope it all works out.  TTYL!  Grace 

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Three weeks ago, I went to Lord&Taylor for an interview. My resume has been everywhere -- finance, legal, aviation, PR... I was surprised when they offered me a beauty advisor position for Clinique, because I never had a background in cosmetics. Nonetheless, I was more than pleased and super happy. Fast forward -- I did all the interview including Talent Plus and was successful. I was offered the full time beauty consultant position for Clinique (within L&T) last week.

I was just wondering about a few things, because I am really super excited! Like I said I didn't have any background in retail and cosmetics, and I don't want to be called for work empty handed. icon_eek.gif

So here are my concerns:
How's the training like at Clinique (and if possible for L&T too)?

Are the trainings paid? How long does training take?

What's the dress code? I heard it's mostly black, are skinny black pants allowed? Black stockings? Length of dress or skirt?

Are flat shoes allowed or should I wear heels?

What is the standard makeup?

I hardly have any Clinique products? Am I required to buy Clinique products to put on?

How's the traffic?

Thank you in advance to best ladies out there! encore.gif
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Hello ladies...just hired at Clinique counter @ macys...anybody have updated details on there dress code ??
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Originally Posted by sassygrl805 View Post

Hello ladies...just hired at Clinique counter @ macys...anybody have updated details on there dress code ??
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I work for Macy's. Clinique's standards trump your department store's however. Black crew neck or turtleneck top, black dress pants or skirt, black tights, nude hose, or conservative fishnets, nice black shoes (do not have to be heels), earrings no bigger than a quarter, one ring on each hand, hair pulled back, lab coat on. I personally LOVE this look and I adore getting dressed up and looking classy every day!
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I'm so nervous right now. I applied for Clinique counter manager position at Macy's towson, md and I already went through 5 interviews. The first interview was with the hr director, store manager, sales manager, talent plus, and then the account coordinator. My last interview was Friday and today is the following Friday and I still haven't heard anything from macys or Clinique. I just wanna know if I got the job or not??? I hope do! 😥
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Hey guys! I have my first strategy seminar on Wednesday. I was wondering if I need my I.D.(driver's license) to get in. I lost it a month ago and haven't had time to go get a new one. Is any identification needed?
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so I was trying to get a job with clinique at macy's.. 


first i interviewed with macy's HR


then the macy's cosmetic manager


then i interviewed with an estee lauder rep asking talent plus-type of questions over the phone 


found out that i passed that and then i interviewed with two clinique execs 


 i haven't heard anything.... what now?? =[ should i call the cosmetic manager at macy's and ask about the status of my app? or is that too pushy? idk what to do. 

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I have a question which I would like to ask.. So basically my long term boyfriend is moving to America / California for work and I currently work for Clinique in the UK/ Manchester. Has anyone out there been transferred before to the USA from England and know if it's easy to do and what they would reccomend me doing to make it a smooth process?

Many thanks

Sarah x
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