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smiles.gif http://whatsgoingonwithaddie.blogspot.com

I post random thoughts hauls reviews and some books too greengrin.gif leave me a message on my blog so i can look and follow yours too! smiles.gif

Hope to gain new friends! smiles.gif
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 20yr British Beauty blogger, I am trying to post things weekly if not more often.  I have only recently restarted my blog and would love and appreciate if people could check it out and potentially follow me if you like what you see. Thank you x  






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Im a 20 year old British beauty/fashion blogger. I do a variation of different posts. Mainly reviews, would really appreciate it if anyone would check it out :)



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Hi everyone! Just letting people know that my original blog is now closed.  Both my blog and YT account were accidentally deleted when my husband played around with Google and not retrievable, so I have set up a new one at a new address and hope people will drop by and follow if interested!  Basically, I am starting from scratch again!  xx



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I don't have a blog but but my YouTube channel is @ KelseenBrianaJai ; ). Stop by and sub!
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Thought I should add my blog too

All my links are in my signature

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Here is my makeup and beauty blog

check it out


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Here's my blog, please check it out:



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Here is my blog - I'm a makeup artist down under in Perth, Western Australia - please take a look at my blog :

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hey all!

this is my brand new blog, I just opened it so it is a little small...

but you all are still invited to visit it :)



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Oh what a great thread! my blog is fairly new too, but I am always posting things. I still haven't made a banner yet so.. :)


Here is mine: http://prettyoptimal.blogspot.ca/

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My blog!:




I'm Australian and I review all types of products, do FOTDs, tutorials etc! :)


Please check it out!

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Here's my small blog: http://www.glitterrush.blogspot.com/. I just posted a makeup collection and storage if anyone's interested:)

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I just started one today. So I'm a complete blogging newb, but please check it out! http://andabri.blogspot.com/
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I just started a blog http://rainbows-n-fishsticks, its a mixture blog with beauty and design 

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heres mine :)

sign up lovelies


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Just updated and revamped my site my new blog is Knight Beauty How-To

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Here's mine. www.makeupgalore83.blogspot.com


Nothing fanciful. Just some reviews and swatches by me.

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Updated and revamped my blog! Please do check it out. Also have a giveaway happening from the new year! Thanks smiles.gif
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just wanted to add mines to the list.. so glad i found this post and so many other blogs to look at :) http://misstaina007.blogspot.com/

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I just figured that I would add mine to the list, as well! 
I'm just getting back on my feet, but I would love it if someone would check it out. 


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I've just started my Beauty blog. Id love it if you could take a look.

I love reading and following blogs! :)





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Just getting started.



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Hello! My blog is at cutediys.com 


I post diys, arts and crafts, makeup things, and nail art designs. Please have a look and subscribe by email!

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Hi all,


I have just opened a facebook page promoting my business.


lots of pictures and product rec's




would love it if you took a look 



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I started mine a while back and am looking forward to also exchanging thoughts via beauty blogs :)



Plus, I'd also love to read beauty blogs by Korean girls (who are actually living in Korea). Feel free to send me your link :)

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I just started mine this summer and I'm still working out the kinks, but its www.swatchmebaby.com.

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