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PRO lists?

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First let me say that I hate the new MAC website and the fact that they merged the Pro Site with the regular site. It makes it impossible to find some things.


Is there a list of MAC Pro stores on Specktra? The search function at maccosmetics.com will only allow you to search a particular state or city. Honestly if I knew where they were I wouldn't have to search. LOL


Is there a list of Pro only colors/products? I miss being able to look at these on the PRO site.


For the record, I am just beginning to do freelance work part time (very part time). I love using the PRO products but I don't have enough experience (yet) to qualify for a PRO card.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I noticed that as well, I wanted to order some things like a metal palette and some pro colour eyeshadows ..hopefully someone has some more info..

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This is bothering me too...I'm trying to figure out if something is a PRO-only product or not.  Are all the PRO items available online now from maccosmetics.com?  Does anybody know if Blonde's Gold is still a PRO product?  Or are all the PRO items still on the macpro.com website, but you can't view them unless you have PRO membership?

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I would love to have access to a list of the Pro products available.  Since I can phone up and order Pro product, even though I'm not a Pro member and therefore don't get the discount, it would be helpful to know what colours there are.  I always used to be able to see them on the macpro.com site, so why can't I now? 

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Temptalia has very usefully posted a list of Pro products on her website



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There's also a list at MacKarrie's blog. I don't know if it's Pro in general or some sort of regional Pro but it's a start, right? :)





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Oh, yay!  Thank you for the links!

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Oh I thought that maybe that store in Vancouver was PRO, now I know!

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I too, have found the best mascara its the Pro dazzle waterproof mascara (this doesn't move, which is great bc i have oily skin). I have bought this product on ebay it comes as a set with the liquid eyeliner (its good too) but i only need the mascara. Does anyone have info on this particular product? i can never order it when i actually need, which is right now...any info is greatly appreiciated!!

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I've been wondering about this! Thank you for the links! I'm surprised MAC has not made it easier.
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