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I'm drooling....

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Ahhh! I have the first white makeup stand organizer! But oh my goodness yours is so filled out mine looks lame now. 

Your collection is amazing!

I think it's time I go on a shopping spree. haha!

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hey girl can you tell me where u got those white containers that have exactly the size of mac blushes and also the ones for the face powders? 

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Sure! They both came from Kmart and are by a company called MadeSmart.  I think almost all of the containers are by them, except for some of the more basket-like bins. They fit the Peacocky e/s collection and recent Semi-Precious items nicely too!

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Love your collection!!

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You can find these spinny thingys online not only on QVS. See if they would ship to the UK.

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What I would give to play with it all!!!

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I would be all up on that spinner if it were black =).  It has great functionality!

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Thanks everyone!  Yes, those spinners are great. The only downfall on a black one is that they are a magnet for dust and black will show it more, but other than that, yeah, they should have various colours. That would be a great idea to send out to them.  I am in the process of redoing one of the drawers (number 4) to store my every growing MU collection and probably focusing most of it on eye palettes.  I'll post that up when I have it all figured out, which might take a while!  Just when I think I have everything set up perfectly I find some products I want or a new MAC collection comes out and I have to start all over again on storage.  Aaaaah.....

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oh how cute is that  !! I love it !! and the spinning is excellent ! so sad I do not have space for that kind of organizers ! thanks also for the container details, I now know where to  find some... :)

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This is exactly why I joined Spektra, looking at pictures of makeup storage is like my porn hahahaha


Fabulous job!



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Beautiful collectIon, thank you for sharing! I love your fragrance collection as well!
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lol Thank you!  I know what you are saying. I love looking at people's collections whether they are on YouTube or just photos. It just makes me happy and my wishlist longer. lol 

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wonderful collection and beautifully organized!

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wow amazing!!!

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Great collection! I love the little spinning storage thing.

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wow!!!! it is so neatly organized!!!

I love itttt!!!

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Thank you!  I am still working on one of the drawers and trying to organize it better. A never-ending process! 

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Yeah that spinner is totally awesome! I wonder if they sell anything similar in Canada...

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I want one of those spinner things! It's so awesome looking. And your perfume collection is GORGEOUS! I love all different fancy bottles like that... :)

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OMG :) what a beautiful colletion :)

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Gorgeous love the organization .. I really want that spinner I keep seeing those where can u get one ?? 


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You can get the spinners through QVC website.  :)

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beautiful!! love the perfume collection

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I love the way you keep your perfumes! They look classy and stylish! <3

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Wow really nice organization. I have a friend thath as one of those spinners. They are so cool looking. Sadly I don't have enough counter space for one though and have a few muji's on my makeup table. I have been looking for a small tray for my perfumes. Love yours!

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Amazing collection! SO neat and organized ;)

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Awe, I'm sad that I didn't get to see the pictures.  I don't understand, how were people stealing?

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