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P.S. I should show your pictures to my husband so he can get off my case every time I come home with a new eyeshadow/blush.  lol  :)

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I heard that pigments don't go bad.  Is it true?

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oww that's incredible eyelove.gif

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Wow, what an amazing collection!
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how much do you think that collection is worth?

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My jaw just dropped.

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Your collection is amazing and truly jaw dropping. WOW. Just WOW. I do hope, however, that I never allow mine to get that big. I would go mad trying to decide what colors to use day in and day out. Plus, make up does go bad after awhile. But thanks for sharing.

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Seriously impressed icon_eek.gif


Must take so long to decide what to wear each day. Or do you just tend to wear the same makeup each day?

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Storing it all is the hardest part! You did such a good job of grouping everything looks so clean and neat :)

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Love!! bigheart.gif

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WWWWWWWWow amazing. Could you update your recent collection photo? 

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Congrats, that type of commitment has to be bowed to *deep bow*.. Now go and use those suckers!'
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I just saw the pics of your collection again. I truly don't feel so bad about my collection anymore. BUT, despite my large collection, I just got into eyeshadow palettes and now I can't seem to stop buying them. I read all the reviews first and if I TRULY can't get a product off my mind, I buy it. My collection is not even close to being as big as yours, but it's big. For me, personally, the MAC lip glasses go bad a lot more quickly than NARS, Buxom or Dior. I have discovered that Chanel glosses don't hold up well over a couple of years either and they should for what they cost.


I feel sad because my MAC shadows, which IMO are the BEST and which I have almost every color of, are going unused while my UD palettes, my Too Faced palettes and Stila palettes get all the love. When I use my MAC shadows, I'm reminded why they're the only ones I used for so long. Anyway, great collection. Really does belong in a museum. I would definitely pay good money if there were a makeup museum, beauty product museum. I love makeup and I love my beauty products. I'm a junkie and nobody gets it. Except the people on here!  :-)

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WOOOOW! What an amazing collection!!

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Omg your dazzle lipsticks! <3 in love. Wish I had got them all when they came out
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I just cussed out loud.
Your collection is amazing!
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icon_eek.gif I'm feeling the need to do some depotting, lol. Gorgeous collection!
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Wow, that is... just incredible. I am wholly impressed. My fiance would kill me =D

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Originally Posted by blackbirdxo View Post

Wow, that is... just incredible. I am wholly impressed. My fiance would kill me =D


Seriously. sneaky.gif He has his toys, I have mine!

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I'd never thought I'd be slightly jealous over makeup. Today it has happened.....lol

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Originally Posted by Jubilae View Post

I'd never thought I'd be slightly jealous over makeup. Today it has happened.....lol


Hey you!! 

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your collection is amazeball :eyelove: i love your whole lipstick collection the most

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WOW! Awesome collection! I take my hats off to you because there's no way I could have so much stuff! That would overwhelm me! But its gorgeous! How do you store/organize it all?

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Your collection is AMAZING :jawdrop:! I bet storage is a killer though, haha!

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OMG OMG ... I love it. Seriously I thought I had a lot until looking at these amazing collections.
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I feel like I went in to a make up museum or something like that.:sheep:

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