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Counter Manager at Nordstrom

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Hello ladies! Hope you girls can help me on this one..... Well i have been doing some interviews with nordstrom and from the looks of it, there is a big chance I MAY be a counter manager for Bare Escentuals. (Wish me luck!winkiss.gif) Although it's not for sure that I have the job yet... Can anyone shed some light on what exactly is expected for the position? If anyone has ever managed a counter or has worked for Bare Escentuals, what was your experience? I have cosmetic experience but I have never managed a counter. Tips/Advice?? THANKS!!

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Since it's one of their smaller counters, chances are it will just be you working the counter, possibly one other part time girl under neath you. You're biggest expectation is to hit your counter's daily, weekly, and monthly sales goals. You'll be responsible for ordering new stock when supplies are low, and they might want you to create events for the counter to drive business. That's basically it :) It's pretty easy for those smaller counters, but still great for your resume. good luck!!!

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