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^^ Agreed!

Astrid - Yes, Orange Pareo looks gorgeous. Did you get it? My problem with Dior glosses is that they tend to slide on my lips because they are not tacky at all and don't stay put. Glossimers and extract de gloss are still my favorite. I will certainly look at Dior when it launches on 1 May and I can see if I need it.

elegant - Do you have Sari d'eau? Are they close? I can't figure out of Calypso is coral or orange.
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Originally Posted by mac_aiken View Post

Didn't know you were in Seattle. Hello neighbor! I live in Edmonds and work in Seattle. 


I really like your blog.


Hi there, neighbor!  Thanks!  What a small world :)  I just moved to Seattle last year from Philly.  The weather here is infuriating sometimes, but I have to say I'm glad that it's at least consistent ;)



Originally Posted by Icecaramellatte View Post



Me too.  Love Calypso.  I'm loving it mixed with other colors.  I almost never do that.  I wore it today with Bagatelle.  I did it kind of funny though.  I put Bagatelle on my top lip and Calypso on the bottom and them smushed them together.  Nice soft peach that coordinated extremely well with the Eclosion quad and Horizon Blush I wore today.


Ooo mixing Calypso ... I don't normally do that either but with pinks it would probably be lovely!  Thanks for the idea!

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Originally Posted by Miss QQ View Post

Hi! I follow your blog, you are a pretty girl!
I can't load the prettyaddictedblog, it says it is removed.
Is Calypso very pigmented? Dior has a sheer orange gloss for summer which I'm sort of lemming, like the I've just drank orange juice look.


I'm not sure why it was saying that about the blog - it's definitely still there!  Let me know if you still can't see it.

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Ok, I think I'm definitely passing on the e/s duo.  The right side is too golden for me.  Now I'm debating getting Island, grah!  And does anyone know how Empreinte compares to Royallieu?  I'm a sucker for those light beige/pink shades but I really don't need anymore.

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Originally Posted by elegant-one View Post

MissQQ - Calypso is pigmented. Its beautiful on & the one really must have from this collection.


I think you're enabling me here. I don't have a nice, bright orange gloss, having passed on the Nars one last year. And I adore the glossimer formula... I know that Sable Emouvant is coming home, because I think it'll be the sort of thing that gets a ton of use over the summer. I haven't decided on which of the polishes I need... All of them look lovely. I'm finding myself strangely drawn to Island. I don't have that many soft shades and I should, because my manicures start to wear off after a day. I need shades that aren't going to show the wear too badly!

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I swatched Calypso and the e/s duo at Macy's yesterday and I think I'll pass on Calypso (even though I love the name) because it's way too orange looking for me! The e/s duo however seems like something I'll get use of year round, so I think it's worth picking up. I'll use my Macy's F&F 25% off on it ;)

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FF does not apply on cosmetics

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I bought Calypso.

I told myself I would probably be unimpressed but it was love at first swatch. So gorgeous. I'm a sucker for these kinds of colors. I was on a makeup buying spree, so I decided to leave the duo. It's sooo pretty. The darker shade is especially stunning, but these days I haven't been wearing eyeshadow at all really.

The bronzers didn't seem special. I just grabbed Calypso and ran. lol.gif
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MissQQ - No, I haven't got the Dior one. I think it's on the counter already, at least in Lafayette. hopefully I'll have time to see it on the weekend smiles.gif.

Does anyone know if Calypso looks almost like nars wonder from summer 2011? It looks kind of similar when I compared the picture of Calypso vs the nars one.
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MissQQ - I just swatched Sari D with Calypso & they are in the same color family! Sari D is slightly pinker & about 2-3 shades lighter than Calypso.


Katred - you will love Calypso. I just got my es duo late 7:30 pm...geesh. So I will post a swatch & pics tomorrow morning. The brown is such a rich rich rich brown with the most gorgeous bronze gold tones. I love these shades & the texture is divine.


Shontay - HAHAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up so much rofl.gif what I wouldn't give to go shopping with you. Calypso is a fabulous color for you.


Monsy - sorry dear that I couldn't take pics of the duo tonight. I will however, leave it a virgin until I take pics girlhaha.gif

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elegant looking forward to your pics! it arrived so fast!

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Stopped at the Chanel counter and picked up some more stuff.  I bought a backup of Calypso.  I was undecided on whether I should get a backup or not.  But I think I will use it a lot.  It reminded me of an orange version of Pleasing Glossimer.  My favorite pink gloss.  I think it is the shimmer flecks.  I'm on my Pleasing backup already and wish I had bought a second backup.  I'm pretty warm toned so I think I will use Calypso a lot.  I also bought the eyeshadow duo.  I thought I would pass.  I have Prelude as my neutral quad but I think it's looking a little too cool nowadays.  In fact, I told the Chanel MA last week that I was wearing it before my makeover and she said "No! You were wearing blue eyeshadow!"  I thought she was nuts but I wore it the next day and it was looking really gray.  I think a warmish neutral might work. (or maybe that is just my way of justifying it.  amuse.gif )  


I also got the other 2 nailpolishes and the peche cuive??? eyeliner.  I forgot to ask the MA how to use this.  I figured I get more ideas.  But I think it may look nice as a warmer alternative to khaki platine.  Oh and the SA threw in a mini glossimer.  A different one than I got last week - Plaiser!


Originally Posted by cutemiauw View Post

MissQQ - I'm loving the Dior Orange Pareo too... especially after seeing it's a true orange look vs reddish orange. It reminds me of a version of L'Oreal lipgloss I used to love a long time ago. 

I did have a nice dinner for the anniversary :-). And then soon a vacation south :-). 


Prettyaddicted, thanks for the swatches!

I think now I'm almost sure the summer bronzer wouldn't really work on me seeing how sheer it looked on the swatches. Too bad because I loved the design :D. My list is slowly diminishing for this collex. 




I can't believe you guys are talking about Dior.  I totally caved and bought the new collection including the orange gloss.  Don't know why I needed this after getting Calypso.  The only thing is. . . I didn't see those cream/liquid eyeshadows I read about on a few blogs.  I asked a few SAs and they didn't know anything about them.  I thought they came with this collection.


BTW - the Dior MA complimented me on my eye look and asked which brand it was and I said, "Chanel".  Boy, I really do things backwards.  I just got the summer collection and after neglecting the spring collection I've worn the spring collection for 2 days straight now and I kind of want to wear it tomorrow too.  For some reason, the colors just look right now.  They looked too light before which is strange since the weather has gotten cooler again.  I was starting to regret purchasing that quad and now I love it.  I wore the Envolee quad with Horizon blush and my "custom" Bagatelle/Calypso glossimer mix.

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^^ Sounds very pretty! Enjoy your new makeup! I wish our chanel counters give us mini glossimers with purchases too. The eye glosses from dior come with the summer collection. Maybe they are coming in later? Did you pick up anything else from Dior besides Orange Pareo? Let us know at the Dior thread.


elegant - Thanks for the comparison! Sounds like Calypso is more intense than Sari d. I can't wait to see pics of the duo.

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Icecaramellatte - Would you mind swatching Calypso and Orange Pareo on you? It seems like you like Calypso a lot and seeing that we have similar skintone, I might be swayed into getting one :D.


Ah, I just don't want to start a new addiction with Dior. LOL. But let's see, I think I will just check everything when I'm on vacation (less guilt for splurging :P)


Btw, does anyone know why I got the "onsite legend" badge? Not that I'm complaining, it sure looks pretty cool... but I'm not sure I deserved to be a legend on this site girlhaha.gif

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Comparison of Chanel Calypso, NARS Wonder, Le Métier de Beauté Karla Sugar




Astrid - What is that badge? I have no idea.

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Thank you for the link, MissQQ! It does look very similar from the swatch. Even though she said it looks unique, I don't think it's enough to warrant a purchase from me. I'm not reaching for a gloss so much lately and since it gets bad faster, it just doesn't make sense to buy similar colors. 


I have no idea what that badge is... just when you clicked on it, it said "Cutemiauw is an onsite legend" I had to LOL at that girlhaha.gif



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Thanks for the link Miss QQ. I LOVE Calypso!!! Mine should get here this afternoon.


Astrid, I don't see your badge. Can you see mine? I'm seeing mine since I posted but maybe we can only see our own?

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^^ Can't wait for you to get it! I wore Sari d today because of all the orange lippie talk, and I like it on my lips today very much.

I see my badge now. I think we only get to see our own. I'm here waiting to see elegant's duo pic lol.
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Gail - I can't see yours... Okay that makes sense now. I was wondering if there's a glitch in the system causing me to get mine.


MissQQ - I did the same today too! I wore Nars Wonder. :D. It works well with the Nars summer trio. And today we finally have some nice weather :).



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I'm not all that thrilled with my pics - the brown seems more cool tone than what it really is. However, the swatches are really accurate :)







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What is going on with the site today??? Weird stuff happening. And, I cannot leave a message in the thumbs up box

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Ohh it's so pretty Elegant!!! Thanks for the swatch! I love the little flecks in the brown shade! Now someone please help me justify this... I have a bajillion other brown shades :P



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haha i need help too! especially because i want prelude and eclosion quads alsogirlhaha.gif


elegant thanks so much! 

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girlhaha.gif You guys are so welcome! Its one of THE richest brown shadows & the gold in it is fab.


And, the highlight color is lovely! It almost matches a Mally highlighter wand that I use ALL the time to do the inner corners & just under my lower liner.

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Thanks, elegant! The swatches are beautiful! The brown is stunning. I want the duo now.
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dark brown reminds me of nars mekong, maybe less intense 

it looks very wearable

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Originally Posted by Monsy View Post

FF does not apply on cosmetics


Oh, damn :(. Oh well, I still want it! But it sucks I won't be saving $11 booooo :P. Cosmetics are never on sale, are they *sigh*

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Thanks for the great pics elegant. I'm very happy I ordered it. heart.gif

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Saw the collection yesterday. Bronzers are a pass for me, as well as the lipsticks. Calypso Glossimer is STUNNING. Must have. Got that, the duo, ALL OF THE NAIL POLISHES (whew... they are all FABULOUS), and the Brun and Peche pencils.

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Thanks elegant! I am pretty sure now that I'll get my hands on that e/s duo sneaky.gif

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