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Monster High Fashion Dolls  

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I LOVE Monster High now and I learned I'm not alone. I'm old enough to drink but now I finally feel safe enough to purchase these for myself after learning grown men and women are collecting these beauties! They're not just for kids anymore!


I used to work next to a Justice store and seeing their doll displays every other day made me smile! I loved how quirky their names were, all their outfits, choice in makeup, hair and shoes. Just overall I thought MH was so creative in taking monsters and making them fashion forward and not the least bit scary. Barbie got a stake through her heart, when Mattel unloaded MH. I think MH started up back in 2010 and just has grown to such a MEGA HUGE fashion doll mania! I can understand this because these dolls are inexpensive and have moveable joints. That means anyone who loved posing high fashion dolls to begin with, can now get a cheaper alternative and repaint, reroot, and design fashion for these beauties.


I honestly love everything Mattel pumps out having to do with these dolls! My favorite dolls so far are the original Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and everything Ghoulia Yelps! And the super soldout C.A. Cupid! Bravo to you Mattel for bridging a gap between kids, adults, toys, and fashion!


Edit: 10/18/12


Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Frankie.


Lagoona Blue and Ghoulia Yelps- Dawn of the Dance



Ghoulia Yelps heart.gifheart.gifheart.gif



Ghoulia, DoD Clawdeen and Frankie




Frankie Stein-Dawn of the Dance



C.A. Cupid LE






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when did that cupid one come out? i bought all the originals for my daughter for christmas, i love them and so does she!!! what first got me interested is my daughter had read the books and told me they made the dolls ..my lil sisters name is laura and i loved the draculaura and the frankie stein so ive been wanting to get them all. very very cute dolls and i love looking at their clothes and makeup.

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Sinergy you're awesome! C.A. CUPID was a limited edition doll at Walmart during the Draculaura's Sweet 1600th doll storyline released in fall. Greedy sobs bought multiples and are selling them on EBay for outrageous prices!!

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Angelic dreamz has Nefera and Operetta for preorder! 

They're so amazing!

Things of beauty!






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I want them to make the Arachne and Scarah dolls next!

They previewed them at ComicCon and apparently that Super Hero Version was available at Comic Con!


Edit:1/13- Better pic of Dead Fast Ghoulia from Comic Con


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i hadn't realized there were so many of them!!! omg...im so behind! ha. when i seen the specktra vondergeist i immediately thought of our fave makeup site lol. . ooooh im going to start looking around for them again..hadn't realized so many were LE..

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Seen the create-a- monster kit?





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They announced 2 hours ago on their facebook to expect C.A. Cupid at Walmart toward the end of this January! SHE'S COMING BACK!!! heart.gifth_DANCE.gif

C.A. Cupid.jpg


And they just concocted a Valentine's Day Special and Cupid finally makes a cameo!

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oooh good!!! i was browsing the doll isle today after reading this thread, and i cant believe what little my local wally world has!!! =( the lady told me they sale out as soon as they hit the shelves!!! and AAAHHHHHH i cant wait to watch that tv episode!! Valentine..do you think they will make a doll of him? and i cannot wait hope we get our hands on a cupid!!!!

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The Werecat twins will be at Toys R US in February!



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Originally Posted by sinergy View Post

oooh good!!! i was browsing the doll isle today after reading this thread, and i cant believe what little my local wally world has!!! =( the lady told me they sale out as soon as they hit the shelves!!! and AAAHHHHHH i cant wait to watch that tv episode!! Valentine..do you think they will make a doll of him? and i cannot wait hope we get our hands on a cupid!!!!

I know!!! I'm gonna be clicking every day on Walmart! Indeed I hope there are Cupid a plenty! I'm not sure about the male vamp but I'm sure tons of girls will be customizing their own! Have you heard of DracuLogan? This girl fooled thousands when she made a perfect boxed custom of her own!


ScreamQueen's custom boy doll, DracuLogan, next to a real Mattel Draculaura!


She made the box too!



I'm pretty sure that's a custom Clawd to the right too, she's very talented!



Edit: 1/20


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Oh boy someone wandered on Target's website and made this.



So a Clawdeen and Howleen duo pack is coming or already at a Target or two.




1/15: Got a better pic


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oh wow! i was showing my daughter this lol she was like woohoo we get more dolls! ahhaha. yea ill have to keep my eye out for the cupid one! and i cant believe how real that draculogan looks! thats crazy! 

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Been trying to call around to every Walmart near by and they aren't even picking up! If you want something done you gotta do it yourself!!! rants.gif


I've gotten word Nefera and Operetta are being found in Walmarts now! I want a piece!



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I'm actually up right now. I'm preparing to step out to my local Walmart in a few because, one chick and an associate that works in toys, actually gave me GREAT customer service! I'm really blown away more by the customer service than by the prospect of being one of the first to have a smogasbord of dolls to choose from! I called about yesterday 7-8pm and the night people were just getting in and the associate working in toys was nice enough to tell me that they're doing a setup for new MH dolls. So I'm over the moon!

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Meh. Went to my nearest Walmart and they're making space for all the MH stuff that's about to come in! They managed to put out some of school club outfits but that's it. I had to get my Ghoulia doll something so I got her fashion pack for the comic book club. Then I got an manager to tell me if Cupid was in their backroom or not. And of course not. And for some reason these geniuses ordered only 12 of Cupid!? Makes no sense. But They should be through putting up other stuff by the end of the day though so maybe I'll get my Operetta and Nefera heart.gif


Not my pics, but she'll look like this.



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Ok I'm going to put my enthusiasm about finding Cupid on mute. I can't find her anywhere! It's evident she's on a ride from China or perhaps the East or West coast.


But I made a great discovery at a foreign Walmart 30+ miles away (San Marcos, TX)!


Skull Shores Ghoulia! They have every Skull Shores doll except Draculaura!




And School's Out Cleo! The first and last Cleo I'll probably ever want! She usually never appeals to me but her makeup, hair, shoes, and outfit were the draw!

The lips on my doll are a black cherry, nothing like a warm brown.




I love her tote! It opens and closes! And there's even a buckle on the strap that clicks open and closes back! This is why I love MH! All the DETAIL!


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I bought a basic Ghoulia Yelps from Target today. Be on the look out at your local Target if you want the basic dolls w/ their little pets, they're getting crap loads in. I saw Lagoona, Ghoulia, Draculara, and Frankie. When I called one they included all of those and Clawdeen.




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Wooohooo! I finally caved and bought the Draculaura's Sweet 1600th doll and found the last Clawdeen doll in all of San Antonio, TX (maybe)!


Basic Clawdeen



Sweet 1600th Clawdeen ( I couldn't resist that hair, those clothes, or those painted glove hands!)


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OMG, mission nearly accomplished! Cupid is gonna be on her way for store pickup! heart.gif


Edit:12:40 am 1/30: Checked my email and they had canceled my order so I did store pickup at two other stores! OH GOD! blink.gif Don't cancel, don't cancel!


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Also just checked ToysRUs' website: Rochelle Goyle, Robecca Steam, Venus McFly, and Jackson are going to be available soon! They don't even have pics up yet!


Heard about Robecca, Venus, and Jackson but not Rochelle! Cool, cool.

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I got Cupid today! I'm a little peeved I received NO email that she was in stock again and eligible for pickup service! I found out she was in stock by visiting Walmart.com by CHANCE! WTF? Operetta and Nefera are going to be the same way!


The Angel has landed!! Once again San Marcos Walmart is the bomb.com! These are my actual pictures I took with my phone!



Great Makeup and Hearts in her eyes! Laser pink lipstick, cotton candy pink hair, heart braid, and white as a chalk!


Great Design on the purse!



Bows, arrows, and hearts everywhere!


And the wings!! So funky and a tad creepy! Suggestive that her ribcage can become wings or that she has a second set of ribs. :D



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Got tipped off Toralei was available on Mattel's website and ordered her! She came swiftly yesterday! However I must say her makeup needs an overhaul! I'm not understanding where these makeup colors are coming from...her fave color is orange and her characteristic colors are red, white,black, silver,...and orange. I would say her fave color is Red. I think I might repaint her honestly. I never have before but this doll is motivating me to.


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Btw, someone in the UK got their hands on that Wolf Duo Pack!




I still think Howleen's outfit leaves something to be desired...like another knee sock and thigh highs layered underneath or something. A necklace? A bag? A vest like her sister or a long woven vest. Better shoes. 2cents.gif








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And btw, btw, the new line of dolls leaked from somebody. Found this on MH Collectors fb page:



**As any toy collector knows, release dates should never be taken seriously, as there really is no such thing.**


Dance Party Doll Line

Release: April 2012

Description: "Do you like looking snazzy and going to a dance party? Of course you do! Get glammed up with the Monster High ghouls for the Polka Dot Dance Party!"

This line includes the following (subject to change):

-Lagoona Party Doll

-Operetta Party Doll

-Spectra Party Doll


High School Playset

Release: April 2012

Description: "The ultimate accessory that looks just like Monster High, it's Monster High High School! Girls can play with and display all of their Monster High dolls in this fold-up high school set."


Roller Maze Doll Line

Release: April 2012

Description: "The star players of Roller Maze have all gotten injured so the ghouls of Monster High have to step in!"

This line includes the following (subject to change):

-Roller Maze Frankie Doll

-Roller Maze Ghoulia Doll

-Roller Maze Lagoona Doll

-Roller Maze Operetta Doll


Costume Doll Line - Releasing simultaneously with Ghouls Rule! DVD

Release: Fall 2012

Description: "The ghouls have always stayed home on Halloween - but not this year! They've decided to come out of hiding to take back the holiday, dressed in over-the-top costumes that nod to their famous monster heritage."

 This line includes the following (subject to change):

-Clawdeen Costume Doll

-Cleo Costume Doll

-Draculaura Costume Doll

-Frankie Costume Doll


Ghouls Rule! Feature-length CG-animated Monster High DVD - Releasing simultaneously with Costume Doll line.

Release: Fall 2012 

Description: "Will feature all of the Monster High students as they come together to take back Halloween and restore it as a day when monsters celebrate their individuality. The accompanying doll line will feature Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Cleo De Nile dolls."



Coffin Bean Playset w/ Coffin Bean Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Release: April 2012

Description: "All the cool ghouls hang out at the Coffin Bean. This coffee shop-theme playset comes with Clawdeen in a ferocious outfit."


Ghoulia Scooter Playset

Release: April 2012

Description: "As a slow-moving zombie, Ghoulia Yelps will get a kick out of this scooter!"


Draculaura Powder Room Playset

Release: April 2012

Description: "Draculaura can pamper and primp in her powder room!"


Create A Monster Design Lab Playset

Release: April 2012

Description: "For further Monster High Doll customization. The laboratory comes with a whole lot of 'skins' to create more combinations!"


Create A Monster Design Lab Playset Add-On Pack

Release: April 2012

Description: "For use with your Monster High lab, with 'skins' and limbs to make even more monsters!"








Thanks Jason Swen for the heads-up!!




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Good God! Leaked, leaked!


Venus McFlytrap will look like this.



Costume Line on Display at 2012 Toy Fair ( you can see Clawdeen)


Halloween Costume Draculaura




Halloween Costume Frankie




Halloween Costume Cleo




Create-A- Monster Lab




Monster High High School Playset



Oop! Found a vid of the Halloween Dolls and Create A Monster Lab in action at the Mattel both!


Someone prematurely leaked the first part of the V-day special on Youtube. Ha!



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Great Pics of the Dolls that people had a chance to vote on in August:

Archane (Didn't win and I don't know why!!!) I can sooooo imagine her being Operetta's best buddy!

Edit2/11: Heard they're making her after all! Thank god!







Principal BloodGood. I'm really not feeling her. She'd probably would sell some with her horse and a student doll.



Rochell Goyle Scarah Screams? I think that's her name. She won. Sucks.




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Omg breaking pictures!

Robecca Steam


Venus McFlytrap


Basic Jackson


Roller Skate Dolls


Dance Party Dolls-Dot Dead Gorgeous! Dolls


Found another pic! Someone did a better close up of Robecca, Venus, and a blank spot for Rochelle Goyle


Venus McFlytrap Daughter of the Plant Monster



Shadow Blank for Rochelle Goyle


Basic Jackson Doll


Robecca Steam Doll! Beautiful hair! Can you see the bolts above her eyebrows?


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Better pics of Ghouls Rule Costume Dolls

Clawdeen is a freaking Lilac, Lupine Goddess!












Frankie's Accessories


Cleo's Accessories




And Ula D's



Better pics of the CAM set



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Holy Crap! Another break! I forgot MH made a website where they would release new stories or whatever on it every 13th of the month! Someone caught a perfectly fantastic screenshot of Rochelle (pronounced Rock-elle). She's freaking to die for! I love her! And she's a Parisian!? Loving it!

Check out the other new Monsters and Jackson's profiles here:  http://www.freakyfab13.com/






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