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Pale Drugstore Foundation with Yellow Undertone Searched !!!!!!

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Hello Lovelies


I am really pale but have a yellow undertone and i just can find any Drugstore Foundation that fits me .


I've tryed a lot of different Brands and Shades but the pale foundations are usually to rosy and the yellow undertoned foundations are way to dark .


I would love to hear if someone has the same problem and if you guys have found a solution .


xoxo Serpentis

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Hey Serpentis, I'm not entirely sure of a very pale yellow-toned drugstore foundation but if you're willing to go online, you can definitely find some great foundations for drugstore or close to drugstore prices.


Graftobian Hi-Definition Creme Foundation is really nice for dry to combo skin and it comes in a ton of very light and very dark shades. They recently came out with 5 new shades for very fair skin with warm and neutral undertones.


Camera Ready Cosmetics is a trusted retailer and they sell Graftobian, along with a bunch of other theatrical makeup brands. Theatrical makeup can be a great option when you're looking for hard to find shades at good prices.


I hope I haven't failed you on your original question! =)

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Thank you BadLeslie
I will definently check out the graftobian makeup , thanks for your advise . But I'm still on the hunt for drugstore foundations ... I was in store today and I am just clueless ... So I still want to hear your tips greengrin.gif

XOXO serpentis
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Boots No7's foundations supposedly run yellow. L'Oreal True Match W1 is fairly light. Maybelline Fit Me's shades ending in "0" are more yellow-based, and #110 is very fair.
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well thank you a lot shellygrrl


I will definently go and check out the maybelline and the loreal foundation ... sadly we don't have boots in our country .


:D i will tell you if the foundations you recomended matched my skin colour or not


-- Thank you both for answering me so quickly :)))))


xoxo Serpentis

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Ohhh another question i had was if you know how the  Maybelline Superstay 24 h , the Dream Satin Liquid and the

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation work and how they fell on the skin ?????


Hopefully I hear of you pretty soon :D

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I've never tried either of those, so I can't say. ssad.gif
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I actually just bought some and i have the same exact problem! Im sooo pale , but all the light foundations have pink undertones and it makes me look sick 

The foundation i got from CVS is-

~maybelline's FIT ME in 110

~i also got the light pink blush in the FIT ME line


Ive already had so many complements while wearing these two so i hope that helps and they're really cheap ^_^

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I've been to 2 Targets in my area lately and they've both started carrying Boots. I live in Texas btw.

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Funny thing, I'm a NC25/30 and I'm pretty much on the same search!! I used this http://www.temptalia.com/foundation-matrix earlier and i found that it's pretty helpful on getting started. :):) Good luck!!

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jessykah thank you for you tip ... i saw the maybelline fit me foundations but i wasn't sure if they would look good on my skin. but after you told me that it worked well for you i will definentely check it out .


P.s.: do you know if this foundation does start to settle into fine lines after a while? because i always get this problems on my forehead and around my mouth because i just smile a lot . i mean i am only 18 so it really bothers me that i look older because foundation that makes those lines apear sooo deep . i dont have those lines if i don't wear foundation but on some days you just want to have some coverage .

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I've never had that problem with Fit Me and I'm in my early 30s.
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