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BE Ready Foundation

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Has anyone purchased this/plan to purchase? I have used Bare Minerals for years and am stoked they added a pressed foundation to their line. I pre-ordered the special edition silver compact w/brush from QVC and it arrived a few days ago. I ordered it in the fair, even though I usually wear golden fair (it was not an option ;__;) and was sooo excited when I saw the package on my doorstep and rushed to put it on...only to discover that it is SO WHITE! I mean, ghostly white. Before BE came out with the golden fair I used to wear fair all the time and do not remember it being that pale! 


But the coverage and application is great. It is the creamiest, smoothest pressed powder I have ever had the pleasure to use. So now...I am hoping that golden fair will not give me the same crazy ghost face!


Has anyone else purchased this in their usual BE foundation shade and found it a shade or two too light?

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I don't use BE, but on the QVC forums a lot of ladies are saying the pressed foundation runs lighter than their normal shade and Leslie even hinted at going a shade darker on the air. I didn't see that presentation on air, but that is what the ladies are saying on the boards. Hope that helps some.

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I had to re-shade test at Sephora because I had heard the same thing.  I typically wear Fairly Medium in the original, and ended up getting Medium Beige in the Ready.  

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I have it and love it! But yes you have to go up a bit. I wear a 50/50 mix of golden fair and golden medium in matte, never tried original, but I'm in light in ready.
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I also love this. I love it so much and I did not want to believe it but the brush does make a huge difference.

I also went up a shade. I am light on the loose powder and in the ready foundation I am medium beige.

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