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Clinique interview process?

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Hello smiles.gif im a newbie here but LOVE the site!

Im hoping someone might help, im very impatient and excited to hear from the clinique job ive applied for! I had a phone interview on monday and she said i was successful in passing (!!!) and now i will hear from the regional manager within 2 to 3 weeks to schedule a face to face interview greengrin.gif im so excited as ive got tonnes of experience in fasion retail management but cant further it as ive 3 littles ones so i would absolutely love to go in the beauty direction! This website single handedly helped me with my phone interview as people know so much about the process but everyone seems to have had at least one face to face interview before their phone interview so i dont know how long it really will take to get the ball rolling further and what will the next steps be?! Any tips i.e how much make up how to do my hair and what to wear etc? Thabks so much for your help so far and thank you if you know more and can help me further smiles.gif
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I have no ideas as I've only ever applied to MAC, but wanted to wish you good luck xxx


I am thinking of applying to Clinique , any updates on how it went . xxx

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Hi. Thankyou so much. I got a call from the regional manager yesterday for an.interview today! It went really really well i think. I left feeling great. We went for a coffee talked about my retail experience she talked to me about the company and she was saying things like when instead of if and about making me a sunday manager etc and ill hear by frisay if not sooner eeeekkk smiles.gif i had a co.dultation which was amazing and everyone loves their jobs so im excited at the opportunity of working with them smiles.gif fingers crossed x
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That's amazing!!! Well done sweetie!

I am thrilled for you!!! I can't message you back via inbox but i wrote on your profile wall, xxx

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Just got a call! Got the job smiles.gif x
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Originally Posted by bellajpeach View Post

Just got a call! Got the job smiles.gif x


Yay for you!  Congrats :)  Will you be working at a counter?  If so, what store is it in?

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Thanks smiles.gif well chuffed! I assumed i didnt have it because she said is know by that fri but that one came and went and so did another! :'( but got the call today! Yeah i will be on a counter in boots, bristol smiles.gif do you work for them? X
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Hey. Does anyone know what store approval entails? Im being hired in a boots store and i have a store approval tomorrow with my clinique manager and a mamager from boots? Not sure what to wear or what to expect? Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this smiles.gif
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