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I am going to a job fair at macys on the 16 of this month.. But I was wondering what exactly will the job fair be like? I've never had a job in my life so I have to bullshit my way through some things.. Here are the questions I have.. (I was asked to bring a model,do you think they'll have us switch models?!)
-what should I expect
-what questions will be asked? How to answer them properly? Examples?
-what to say?
-who is present during the job fair? Manager/trainer/ect?
-do you think it'll be a lot of people trying out? Ugh...
Omg basically anything helps at this point I am just sooo nervous this will be my second time trying out for mac.. Last time was so bad I broke down in the middle of it because I had little to no customer service experience... I still havnt had a job since then so I have to fib a bit and say I have had a few jobs... Hopefully someone who's been to a mac job fair can explain to me what they are..? Thank you all .