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All about Fluidline (brush,base,application)

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Which brush have you all had the best luck with applying this?
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Depending on the (look Im trying to achieve) thickness I want I either use 208, 209 or 210
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Angled brushes are a def.
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Stila #4
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I use 266.
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I only have my trusty Urban Decay brow/liner brush, and it's worked a treat.
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i actually use art brushes with mine. numbers 0 or 2 depending on the look i'm going for. i also use a thin agled brush, FACES number 111 occasionally
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I use a standard #1 round synthetic brush, generally used for acrylic paints.
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I use an art brush as well... its a small flat shading brush as they call it.. used for watercolor... works great.. its about an 1/8' across.. it applies it really well IMO...
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I use #209!
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I use my Travel Sized 266 and find that works very well
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I prefer Stila's 13 flatliner brush to tightline, and MAC 209 for anything thicker than that.
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Right now I'm using 209 and it works really well (better than I had expected actually) but I have a 266 brush coming in the mail this week so I'm eager to try it with that!
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Brush for fluidline as base

I know there have been lots of posts on which brushes to use as liners, but I also like to use my fluidline as a base. I have been using my finger, but it isn't as precise as I would like. I don't know which brush to use for a base. Would the 194 concealer brush work? I want one that can be cleaned immediately otherwise the hairs go all crunchy. Anyone have any recs?
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I havent tried, so only speculation on my part, but Id go with the one that I use for paints...242 (if you want I have a little itty bitty one that I never used that I cn send you from the paints set last year)
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i've been using the 242 with no problems!!!
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I third that...i would use the same one recommended for paints
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The 252 will do it as well... it's just a little bit bigger
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Re: Brush for fluidline as base

I use the 242 with creamy products, and it works great.
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yep 242 rules!!!

the se242 is terrible imho, so use the normal 242!!!
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Add another to the 242 convert group! It's fab for f/l.
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any updates on the preferred brush?

i have been using the 266........but i am thinking that the 263 might be better for a finer line
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I like the 209. The 266 I found harder to get a nice fine line and plus I'm just not a natural with an angle brush. The 209 is foolproof for me.
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#212 for cat eyes, #209 for regular line.
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Sorry I wasn't really sure where to post this.

Ok, so I just bought myself some Fluidline today in 'Blacktrack'... but I'm having trouble with applying it. I was going to ask the MA but I was in a hurry. I purchased the fluidline with the #266 brush and I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on how to applying it like from where to begin applying it (the outer corner, innercorner, center, etc.) , and where to end it. I usually do the Cat-Eye look by the way. Thanks!
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I just dip the brush in and carefully move it from the inner corner to the outer corner - it's pretty simple, since the Fluidlines are very smooth. For a cat eye, just drag it out some more and to the little tips. Hopefully that was somewhat helpful? =\
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^thanks! that was helpful. i always thought you had to start from the outer corner. but that idea sounds more reasonable since when you end it always comes out pointier. anymore tips anyone?
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Posting again, when applying to use like e/s base (or just plain e/s), I found the 242 quite good too.
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i was thinking of getting 242 to apply barecanvas, can i use it to apply eyeshadow too? that would be fab!
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Originally Posted by misswilliam
i was thinking of getting 242 to apply barecanvas, can i use it to apply eyeshadow too? that would be fab!
If you want to apply a fluidline as if it were a paint/base, then absolutely yes. It was recommended to me by so many ladies for applying paints, so I thought hey, why shouldn't it work on fluidlines...
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