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You are a hottie!

Go for Viva Glam I... you'll loooove it!
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I'm not much for MAC recs, but you are hot girl!
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viva glam is a deeper red, russian red is brighter. i prefer viva glam with the brick liner. i also just got addicted to dubonnet, but it is discontinued i think.
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Best red Lipstick

What ist the best Red Lipstick for a cool toned Woman with black Hair, grey Eyes and a PPP.

Lustre Redwood????
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I really like strong reds, so if you're looking for a Lustre you might not want this, but Rocker could be great on you.
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I think the red lipstick you're wearing is already great! What brand and colour is it?
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i love dubonnet, its part of the permament line
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Ruby Woo!

It really depends on the finish you're after. I love retro mattes, so Ruby Woo and Russian Red are my favourites.
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If you can find it (I think it was LE), Tassle lipstick is fantastic, must more moisturizing than matte shades. PM mrskloo, I think she has one left for sale at a good price!
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Originally Posted by YOOTOPiA
i love dubonnet, its part of the permament line
DUBONNET is Great, i LOVE MAC amplified L/S
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Red lipstick for cool toned girl

It doesn't have to be MAC, I rarely wear l/s, so I don't like to spend a lot of $ on them!

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Try Russian red!
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Or Culturebloom!
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I use Russian Red! Love it.
But I will never find quite a great cool color like EL's Heart to Heart.
It was the PERFECT blue toned red...Sigh.
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I am also a NW50 and just bought a great red from NARS - Scarlett Empress, also MAC Media and Diva are good.
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UD makes a good one called jezebel, MAC Liza Red if you can find it, MAC Russian Red or Powerhouse.
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I love MAC Powerhouse! It's very bold, though. Not brown at all.
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MAC's Glam lipstick is a great blue-red.
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Pls. help me find an awesome red lipstick..

Hi...i was wondering if you guys could help me find an awesome red lipstick to wear. I wear a C6 in studio fix. I was recommended Russian Red with cherry lipliner...BUT...it looks "orangy" on me. (or maybe i'm just used to it)..please help! I NEED a new look. Thanks!!
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Maybe Dubonnet or Ruby Woo? They have more of a blue undertone than a red, IMO
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I just found my perfect red lipstick today! I was quite excited. I am a NW15, and when trying on Russian Red, and felt like it was not the right shade, and was too bright for my liking. I finally tried on Dubonnet, and it's fabulous! Can't say enough about it. I also picked up Red Enriched creamstick liner to go with it. Anyways, I def. recommend this, it's great.

Edited to rave about the texture of this lipstick; its an amplified creme, so its moisturizing and doesn't make my lips flake like some frost lipsticks do.
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I second Dubonnet. I love it for when I want red lips.
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Red Lipstick

Hey everyone! I just wanted some imput..

im an nc40/c4...and i wanna get a red lipstick. i already have ladybug --- but im not sure if im diggin it. i dunno...russian red (which i have looked at too)..ruby woo...anything anything? even if its drugstore too...im down!

also, what EYES do u pair with red lipstick? im lookin at neutral...but what? neutral brown? neutral gold? neutral peach? iono...

***and for anyone else who is the same coloring as me (or similar) what are some other lipsticks you think are worth checkin out?

TIA! <3333
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I'm a huge fan of Russian Red. I wear it over cherry l/l and it looks gorgeous. For reference, I have pale skin (not sure what MAC foundation though) and brown hair and eyes. It's really bright and hard for some skintones to pull off though so try it on in teh store first! oh - and eyes are something I've always had trouble with regarding red lips. Usually I do them pretty simple - I wear a shimmery white eyeshadow and a little bit of black liner and it gives me an old Hollywood look.
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i'm an nc40 depending on the season. my fave mac red lipstick at the moment is spice it up. i also love sophisto and of course, o. i like a plum one that i forgot the name of and am too lazy to check my next mac lipstick purchase will be new york apple.

i sually do brown or bronze eyes when i wear red lipstick, or sometimes just liner with no eyeshadow.
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I love russian red. ( Though I am very pale with dark hair, it makes me look like snow white) I wear it with clear gloss over it for that really blue red color. I usually just do a pale shadow and mascara.
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the only red lips i ever wear are FLI!RT Cherry Pie l/l and Milani Candy Apple l/s...i find it looks best with smokey browns/golds...i have a way lighter complexion than you though. i think you'd be able to pull of smokey blacks/dark greys with your skintone
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True Red Lipstick

I'm looking for a true, Santa's suit, stoplight, no-holds-barred red lipstick, with no orange, brown, or blue tones, just RED.
I tried "Tassel," and it's pretty, just too deep and too subdued for my purposes.
What is the best true bright red that MAC has to offer?
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Russian Red l/s????

I dunno if this helps but if i remember correctly there are few posts about true red l/s


wowzers... i just tried search for red lip stick and there are just wayyy too many posts.. maybe u can try and see if there is anything that can help u out?

Sorry if this wasnt that much of help..
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I don't have Russian Red but I've swatched it on my hand and, to my eyes, it appears to be a true red. I'm pale with a lot of pink in my skin and reds either look fuschia or orange on me. Russian Red was perfect.
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