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Russian Red is actually one that I'm considering. I chatted online with a MAC artist; she suggested "Powerhouse," but I'm afraid of what look to be orange tones in that one.
I'm disabled; otherwise I'd go to the store and try some on!
Thanks for the input, ladies!
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I agree with everyone else. Russian Red is the way to go. I find that almost anyone can work this color
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I think Powerhouse is more true red than Russian Red, on me at least.
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Russian Red! It does have blue undertones but it is the truest red I have ever tried on
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here's a shot of me with MAC Vinyl...which is discontinued, but still available at some CCO's and on Ebay. I'm pretty fair with pink undertones and I love it!

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Viva Glam I for my money... On it's not too blue, too orange, too pink or too sheer. And it's for charity. All good.
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NARS Jungle Red is the "reddest red" lipstick I've seen.
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I hate all MAC reds, but love Victoria's Secret Red Velvet! It is absolutely red and nothing else. It's pigmented and has a matte finish. Unfortunately I'm not sure if they make it anymore You might be able to grab it on clearance if you live near one of their beauty stores!
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I like that! Thank you! How does Vinyl compare to RR and Powerhouse?
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i'm samoan, so i go for a really red, not orange-y red, i like MAC Red l/s. i have russian red and new york apple too; they're fine as well...
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I like Glam but I believe is is d/c as well.
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Red lipstick from MAC

I'm thinking of getting a red lipstick from MAC. I currently only own a Pink Cabana lipstick.
NC25, Asian here.
Any recommendations?
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I'm an NC25 and I find that Redwood and Dubbonet look good. I would ask to try them first though. There's nothing more annoying than buying something that looks terrible on you.
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I'm NC25 and I love Diva.
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Anyone like Powerhouse? I saw it on someone's lips at MUA and thought it looks kinda nice.
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Russian Red or Ruby Woo is nice. If a true red is a bit scary... you can try "O". Its more of a rusty red color... which i like.
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Thanks! I'll check out all the recommendations at the counter later!
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Originally Posted by stellarx1587
Russian Red or Ruby Woo is nice. If a true red is a bit scary... you can try "O". Its more of a rusty red color... which i like.
Yeah "O" is great!
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Powerhouse would be great. Dubonnet is actually a universally flattering color but its a deep red. Are you looking for a deep red or like a bright red? Ruby Woo is nice, its matte. Im personally not a fan of it but try them all on. Ooh Ooh i like lady bug!
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Thanks ladies! I check out powerhouse and I'm in love with it.
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I have "Russian Red," and it is a gorgeous deep glamor-girl red.
"Powerhouse" is on the way; I'll let you know what I think of it later.
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Ruby woo is awsome!
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Second Dubonnet! And Diva is pretty but it is *not* a red color, it's a deep burgundy. You can see me wearing it on the geisha look here: http://www.specktra.net/showthread.php?t=53196
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Lady Bug is nice for your "first" red lipstick! It's subtle but buildible.
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Red Lipstick Help Needed Please

Im looking for a red lip stick that wont make me look like Ronald McDonald. Im very inspired by Christina Aguliera look lately. What Mac lip would you recommend to me.

Im NW15/20, Hazel eyes, light brown hair.

Thank You!
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ruby woo or dubbonet.
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Ruby Woo.
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russian red is my favorite red from mac.
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russian red
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