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I just got the BM matte foundation about 2 weeks ago. And, I'm really liking it. I was using MAC Matchmaster (which I still use), but for everyday use the Matchmaster was just too much.  The BM matte is perfect for making my skin look better but not making my face look too made up. I recently wore it to my boyfriend's mother's church, because I didn't want to look "too made up" and it was perfect.  Right now, my skin is pretty good. So, I don't know how well the BM will work when I'm broken out/trying to cover dark spots. But, for my "good skin" days, it does a good job. 

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I love my Bare Mineral blush, finish is very subtle.


http://www.lipglossiping.com/2012/05/are-you-ready-for-bareminerals-ready-blush/  SOURCE : Lipglossiping.


I chose " the One " a very light rosy blush, very nice indeed, love the packaing too.

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I love BE matte, and the new ready. Never tried the original. I wear a 50/50 mix of golden fair and golden med. In matte, which according to the earlier post would actually just be light Lolol....and that makes sense because that's what I was shade matched to in ready. Saves some Monet for next time instead of mixing but I have plenty for now. My Fave is the ready anyway.
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I had some trouble with the Matte version oxidizing on me, but I love the original.  I have very oily skin, so I like to use a primer with it.  I recently tried the Ready version and really wasn't a fan.  I found the compact to be really messy when used with a dense brush, and the foundation slid on my skin and settled into the lines even when I wore a primer.  

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Does anyone know where I can find swatches of their new holiday set A Vision In Velvet? Google doesn't seem to wanna be my friend today :(

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I recently purchased the 'Get Started' kit from Sephora. I'm NC20/25 and BE Light was a perfect match.

I like the original foundation best, its dewy finish is quite nice.
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Originally Posted by Jacq-i View Post

I recently purchased the 'Get Started' kit from Sephora. I'm NC20/25 and BE Light was a perfect match.
I like the original foundation best, its dewy finish is quite nice.

I'm NC25 in Mac, and you're right, Light is perfect.  I got shade matched twice by the sales associate in the BE boutique.  Light both times. 

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I've since decided to try the original and I like it a lot!  Actually I like it better than the Matte.  Go figure.  Oddly enough, I'm a Light in both the Original AND the Ready!  So I'm sure I'll be Light in Matte when I'm shade matched closer to Summer if I need to go to it instead. 

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I was hoping for this too (vision in velvet swatches). In some pictures It looks really good and in others it looks like they're pairs that are just slightly different. Like twin colors. Why wouldn't they make them more distinct? Or maybe it's the photography?

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I absolutley love their Ready 8.0 palettes! I have the ones from last year, and recently got The Finer Things and The Star Treatment, which I like even better than last year's. The only one I don't have is the September Issue, and I am pretty sure Santa will be bringing me one of those :)

I also really like their READY blushes, I have the Aphrodisiac and the Tease.

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I just purchased The Star Treatment set on Sephora today for $25+20% off!  It's my first BE palette and I've been looking at it for a while.  So glad to be able to get it on sale.

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That's great!

I got their pressed Luminizer from that sale :) I already had the pink one, but got the gold one, so now I will have both :)

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I like the light coverage BE products provide but my skin breaks out and itches once product touches my skin. 

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Some people have a reaction to the bismuth oxychloide. I can't wear their foundation, because it makes me itch also. Although, their matte foundation is bismuth free, so good option for those with sensitivities, I just haven't tried it because I like dewy not matte finish. I love their ready blushes and eyeshadows, and have not had any problems with those.

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